In Memoriam: LeRoy Tashreau Walker (1918-2012)

Chancellor emeritus at North Carolina Central University, he was the first African American president of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

In Memoriam: Ernest D. Brown Jr. (1947-2012)

The longtime Williams College professor founded the college's Kusika African Dance and Drumming Ensemble and the Zambezi Marimba Band.

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012)

The granddaughter of slaves, she taught at Dillard University and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In Memoriam: John T. McCartney (1938-2012)

He was a longtime professor of government and law and former chair of the Africana studies program at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.

In Memoriam: John A. Payton (1946-2012)

Upon hearing of Payton’s death, NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous stated, “John Payton was one of the greatest civil rights lawyers our nation has ever had and our world has ever known.”

In Memoriam: Norris Stevenson (1939-2012)

He was the first Black player to receive at football scholarship at the University of Missouri. He coached track at the college level for 30 years.

In Memoriam: LaMont Fernal Toliver (1963-2012)

He was the director of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program and assistant dean of undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

In Memoriam: Marcellus Brooks (1941-2012)

Brooks spent his entire professional career at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

In Memoriam: Willie M. Burnett (1941-2012)

His career at the Tuskegee University Office of Alumni Affairs spanned more than 40 years.

In Memoriam: Robert Belton (1935-2012)

He was the first tenured African American professor at Vanderbilt Law School.

In Memoriam: Mable Parker McLean (1922-2012)

She was the first woman president of Barber-Scotia College, a historically Black educational institution in Concord, North Carolina.

In Memoriam: Cleveland Donald Jr. (1946-2012)

A longtime educator, he was the second African American graduate of the University of Mississippi.

In Memoriam: Thomas C. Cox (1939-2011)

A history scholar, he taught at the University of Southern California from 1982 to 2008.

In Memoriam: Roger Salters (1939-2012)

He had taught engineering at the University of Denver since 1987.

In Memoriam: Lawrence Mozell Clark Sr. (1934-2012)

He was a longtime professor and administrator at North Carolina State University.

In Memoriam: Camilla Ella Williams (1919-2012)

She was professor emerita at Indiana University and the first Black woman to perform for a major U.S. opera company.

In Memoriam: Stewart B. Fulbright (1919-2012)

He was the first dean of the School of Business at North Carolina Central University in Durham.

In Memoriam: Robert Lee Carter (1917-2012)

Carter argued 22 cases before the Supreme Court. He won 21 times.

In Memoriam: Ernest L. Holloway (1930-2011)

He served as president of Langston University in Oklahoma for a quarter-century.

In Memoriam: Ofield Dukes (1932-2011)

He taught at both Howard University and American University.

In Memoriam: E. Dean Montgomery (1951-2011)

He was executive vice president, chief financial officer and chief operations officer at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In Memoriam: Royzell L. Dillard

He served on the faculty at Hampton University for 25 years.

In Memoriam: Winston C. Doby (1941-2011)

He was vice chancellor of student affairs at UCLA from 1981 to 2001.

In Memoriam: Edward N. Thompson (1953-2011)

He was director of development for the Office of Educational Equity at Pennsylvania State University.

In Memoriam: Daniel T. Stallworth (1932-2011)

He taught mathematics at Alabama State University for nearly a half century.

In Memoriam: Rudolph P. Byrd (1953-2011)

A prominent black studies scholar, he authored or edited 11 books.

In Memoriam: Muriel Grey Feelings (1938-2011)

The award-winning author of children's books, she was the longtime director of the Community Education Program at Temple University.

In Memoriam: Rose Embly McCoy (1914-2011)

She served on the Jackson State University faculty for more than 35 years.

In Memoriam: Derrick Albert Bell Jr. (1930-2011)

He was Harvard Law School's first tenured black professor and a pioneer of critical race theory.

In Memoriam: Fred L. Shuttlesworth (1922-2011)

An icon of the civil rights movement has passed.

In Memoriam: James Edward Bowman (1923-2011)

The father of presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Bowman was the first African-American tenured faculty member in the biological sciences at the University of Chicago.

In Memoriam: Wangari Maathai (1940-2011)

Professor Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

In Memoriam: Walter D. Clark (1952-2011)

He was dean of enrollment management and judicial affairs at Roxbury Community College in Boston.

In Memoriam: James Earl McLeod (1944-2011)

James Earl McLeod, vice chancellor of students and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has died after a battle with cancer.

New Law School Scholarship Honors the First Black Federal Judge in Arkansas

The William H. Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has established a new scholarship program to honor George Howard Jr., the first African-American federal judge in Arkansas.

In Memoriam: Etta B. Stinson Williamson (1905-2011)

Etta B. Stinson Williamson, the oldest graduate of Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee, died last month at the age of 106.

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