College Nurse

Ventura County Community College District

College Nurse

Ventura County Community College District

Salary: $7,100.00 – $9,800.00 Monthly

Job Type: Classified

Job Number: 2023-02923B

Location: Districtwide (Ventura County CA), CA

Department: OC – Student Development

Closing: 7/16/2024 11:59 PM Pacific


Under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor, provide medical care for sick or injured students, perform laboratory tests and procedures, provide health information about a wide variety of health concerns, and perform related duties in support of a college health center.

There is currently one part-time (40%/week, 10 mos/year) vacancy located at Oxnard College.

This recruitment is being conducted to establish a list of eligible candidates that will be used to fill district-wide, current and upcoming, temporary and regular vacancies for the duration of the list, not to exceed one year.

Oxnard College was founded in 1975 and is the newest of the three community colleges in the county. Set on 118 acres and located two miles from Pacific Ocean beaches, the college is easily accessible by the Ventura Freeway (Highway 101) or the Pacific Coast Highway.

More information about Oxnard College can be found here: Oxnard College

The Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) is a public community college district serving residents through Ventura County. VCCCD’s three colleges – Moorpark College, Oxnard College, and Ventura College – offer programs for transfer to four-year colleges and universities; career technical training, basic skills instruction; as well as community service, economic development, and continuing education for cultural growth, life enrichment, and skills improvement.

The Ventura County Community College District recognizes that a diverse community of faculty, staff, and administrators promotes academic excellence and creates an inclusive educational and work environment for its employees, contractors, students, and the community it serves. With the understanding that a diverse community fosters multi-cultural awareness, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides role models for all students, VCCCD is committed to recruiting and employing a diverse and qualified group of administrators, faculty, and staff members who are dedicated to the success of all college students.

The Ventura County Community College District does not engage in any employment practice that discriminates against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of ethnic group identification, race, color, language, accent, immigration status, ancestry, national origin, political beliefs, age, gender, sex, religion, transgender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, and/or physical or mental disability.

New Employees: Generally, new employees are placed on the first step of the appropriate range of the salary schedule.
Current Employees: An employee who is promoted will be placed on the salary step of the new range of the appropriate salary schedule that provides a minimum increase comparable to a one-step increase in salary.

New and current employees may be eligible for advanced step placement as outlined in Section 290 – SALARY PLAN in the Rules of the Personnel Commission for Classified Employees (Download PDF reader).

Representative Duties

Provide medical care for sick or injured students; observe and record pertinent symptoms on medical records; respond to emergency situations with appropriate medical triage and care; administer first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); arrange emergency transportation to medical facilities as needed. E

Perform laboratory tests and procedures such as venipuncture, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) tests, throat cultures, pregnancy tests, and tuberculin skin tests; read test results and provide referral and counseling as appropriate. E

Assist physicians and/or nurse practitioners during appointment hours; prepare patients for examination and check vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure; measure height and weight; administer vision and hearing tests; administer treatments and medication under the direction of a physician or nurse practitioner; dispense drugs and apply devices such as splints; change dressings; adjust crutches for patients as requested by physician. E

Take health histories from patients and record pertinent information regarding symptoms, drug allergies, and family history; maintain accurate health records on patients; complete accident reports and student insurance forms. E

Provide students with health and wellness information about a wide variety topics including nutrition, stress management, communicable diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and substance abuse; refer patients to appropriate community health and social service agencies; assist with special health care projects and workshops. E

Provide medical care to employees in emergencies or on an approved as-needed basis, including administering first aid, assessing and triaging injuries or illnesses, and coordinating emergency transportation when necessary. E

Distribute and replenish first aid kits, dressings, and thermometers; inventory, order, and restock medications, antibiotics and other supplies in the Health Center and first aid kits throughout campus as needed. E

Assist with health service and educational activities by preparing visual aids and flyers; update bulletin boards and re-stock supplies of informational pamphlets and brochures. E

Perform a variety of clerical tasks as needed; type and complete accident reports; maintain a variety of files.

Attend a variety of professional workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings as required.

Perform related duties as assigned.

E = Essential duties

Minimum Qualifications

Experience: Two years of experience as a professional nurse.

Licenses and other Requirements:

Valid Registered Nursing License issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing

Valid CPR Certification

Supplemental Information


This is an examination open to the public and current district employees seeking a promotional opportunity. To ensure consideration, please submit your application materials by the posted deadline date on this bulletin.

The examination process may consist of any of the following components:

A) Training and Experience Evaluation = Qualifying (pass/fail)

B) Technical Interview = 100% weighting on final score


A T&E is an assessment of training and experience, beyond the minimum requirements, that has prepared the candidate for the position as evidenced in the application materials. Please be sure to answer every component of each supplemental question as your responses will be scored and serve as your score on the training and experience (T&E) evaluation.

The candidates with the highest passing scores on the T&E will be invited to the technical interview.


Date Range: Monday, July 29, 2024 – Monday, August 2, 2024

Location: Zoom

The examination components and dates are subject to change as needs dictate. All communication regarding this process will be delivered via email.


Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications as stated, including the possession of licenses, certifications, or other requirements, by the filing deadline in order to move forward in the recruitment process. You must attach copies of any documents that demonstrate your attainment of the minimum qualifications (e.g., unofficial transcripts, foreign transcript evaluation, copies of any required licenses, and/or certifications). Failure to submit any required documents may result in disqualification. All required documentation must be attached to your application; Human Resources staff will not upload your documents for you. The VCCCD does not accept letters of recommendation for classified positions. Please do not attempt to attach letters of recommendation to your application.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE REVISIONS. If additional versions of your application are submitted, only the most recent will be considered.

When completing the application, please make sure you include ALL current and previous employment in the Work Experience section of the application and complete ALL fields, including the name and contact information for your supervisors. Duration of work experience is calculated based off a standard 40-hour full-time work week. Part-time work experience will be prorated based on a 40-hour full-time work week. Experience that is included in the resume but not in the Work Experience section of the application may not be considered for the purpose of determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications. When completing the supplemental questionnaire (if applicable), outline in detail your education, training (such as classes, seminars, workshops), and experience.

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