American Cancer Society Examines Trends in Death Rates From HIV by Race and Level...

The use of antiretroviral drugs has had a significant impact on death rates for all racial and ethnic groups, with the largest decreases for Blacks and other minorities.

Report Finds Black Youth Are Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising Than Other Young Americans

A new report published by the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, finds that Black youths see more alcohol-related advertising on television and in magazines than other young Americans.

Scholars Seek to Determine Why So Few Black Men Pursue Careers in Information Technology

The Penn State researchers will interview Black men who are studying in IT disciplines to determine "the experiences that put them on their trajectory towards information technology."

A Racial Disparity in Exposure to Harmful Background TV Noise

A new scholarly study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Iowa, has found that Black children in the United States are exposed to far more background television noise than other children.

Survey Finds That Black Youth Are Not Interested in STEM Careers

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia found that 61 percent of all Black high school students are not interested in pursuing a career in heath care or the sciences.

Oregon State Study Finds Communication Is Key in Preventing STDs Among Black Teens

Research at Oregon State University has found that educational and informational programs directed at Black youths can have a significant impact in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Duke University Study Examines African Americans’ Adherence to the DASH Diet

Researchers at Duke University have found that African Americans are less likely than Whites to adopt or adhere to a dietary program aimed at preventing and managing high blood pressure.

Study Seeks to Identify Early Warning Signs of Dementia Among African Americans

Ishan Williams, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia School of Nursing, is conducting research on whether vascular problems among African Americans are leading to increased rates of cognitive impairment.

Using Hip-Hop to Attract Black Students to the Chemical Sciences

Sabrina Collins of the College of Wooster and her colleagues developed a Powerpoint presentation that uses hip-hop concepts to make chemistry more appealing to minority students.

Study Finds Babies Begin to Classify Faces by Race at an Early Age

Infants as young as three months begin to classify facial images by race and gender and show a preference for those that they see most often in their daily lives.

New Study Explores the Impact on Poor Black Women of the High Incarceration Rate...

Beth Richie, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, has written a new book focusing on the impact on women in poverty neighborhoods of high incarceration rates among Black men.

Research Finds That Blacks Are Less Likely Than Whites to Receive Special Pacemakers

For patients who experienced chronic heart failure, Blacks are less likely than Whites to be outfitted with a special pacemaker that has been shown to prolong survival rates and ease symptoms.

University Study Finds Many Blacks in Alabama Lack Access to Eye Care Practitioners

African Americans in Alabama are twice as likely as Whites to suffer from vision impairment and eye disease, particularly cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

Georgetown University Study Examines Racial Health Disparity in the Aftermath of Strokes

African Americans who survive an intracranial hemorrhage, a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, are far more likely to have high blood pressure a year after their stroke than White Americans.

Money Is a Major Factor in Why Black Students Drop Out of College

A third of Black men and a quarter of Black women who dropped out of college, did so because of financial concerns.

The Impact of Affirmative Action Bans on the Graduate School Enrollments of Minorities

A study published by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, finds that in states that have banned the consideration of race in graduate school admissions, enrollments of minority students are down 12 percent overall.

Scholarly Study Finds Signifcant Racial Bias in Criminal Sentencing

The authors found a mean incarceration rate of 51 percent for Blacks and 38 percent for Whites. But they found a significant racial gap in incarceration rates between judges that increases the racial gap by as much as 18 percentage points.

Most African American Males Lose Their HOPE Scholarships Due to a Lack of Academic...

Research by Charles Menifield found that more than 50 percent of African American male students in Tennessee lost their HOPE scholarships due to subpar academic performance.

Study Finds Black Students Who Used School Vouchers Are More Likely to Attend College

The results showed that African American students who went to private or parochial schools under the voucher program were 24 percent more likely to enroll in college.

Black Students at Less Diverse Campuses Are More Likely to Be Victims of Discrimination

A survey of more that 4,000 minority students on 31 campuses found that race-related incidents are more likely to occur on campuses where minorities make up a small percentage of the student body.

Study Shows the Importance of Race in Law School Admissions

The authors of the study concluded that "exposure to a diversity of viewpoints prepares the students to be better lawyers, making them more 'culturally competent.'"

The Snail-Like Progress of Black Faculty in Engineering

The data shows that in 2011, Blacks were only 2.5 percent of all faculty in engineering positions at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Black Immigrant Students in American Higher Education

Of all Black undergraduate students enrolled in American higher education, 10 percent were immigrants to this country.

University of Minnesota Study Finds Growing Racial Diversity in Suburbs

A new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota has found that racially diverse suburbs of major metropolitan areas are growing faster than predominantly White suburbs.

Black Degree Attainments in Engineering

In 2011, Blacks earned 4.2 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded in engineering. A decade ago in 2002, Blacks earned 5.4 percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering.

Black Economic Mobility in the United States

A new study shows that, particularly for African Americans, there is very little economic mobility.

Study Shows Black Teens Less Likely to Be Sexually Active Than 20 Years Ago

The percentage of Black teenagers who have had sex has dropped by 22 percentage points over the past 20 years.

Stress From Racial Discrimination May Lead to Violent Behavior

A study led by a Washington University faculty member, finds that racial discrimination, more so than other stress, may produce violent behavior among young African Americans.

Rutgers University Study Finds Racial Differences in End-of-Life Planning

The data shows that two thirds of older White adults have a living will compared to just 25 percent of older Blacks.

Study Finds Minority K-12 Schools Have a Higher Percentage of Inexperienced Teachers

The data analyzed by researchers at the University of New Hampshire showed that 10.3 percent of all teachers at schools with a high percentage of minority students were beginning teachers.

Racial Differences in Mortality Rates for Cohabitating Adults

A new study led by researchers at Michigan State University, finds that in terms of mortality, Blacks do not receive the same benefits from marriage as Whites.

University of Chicago Study Finds Counseling Program Reduces Crime Rates of Minority Youth

Teens who participated in the program had a 44 percent reduction in violent crime arrests and a 36 percent reduction in arrest rates for other crimes compared to a control group.

Research Finds Black Youth in Public Housing Are More Likely to Take Up Smoking

Research has found that African American youths who live in public housing projects are 2.3 times more likely to take up smoking than other African American adolescents.

University Research Finds Behavioral Problems of Multiracial Youth May Be Exaggerated

It has been widely believed that multiracial adolescents have more behavioral problems than African Americans and Whites because they are not accepted as peers by either ethnic group.

Survey Finds Declining Percentage of Minority Presidents at Independent Colleges

The Council of Independent Colleges, representing 640 educational institutions, found that the percentage of minority presidents at member institutions dropped from 8 percent in 2006 to 6 percent in 2011.

A Large Racial Gap Persists in Faculty Posts in American Higher Education

The racial gap is especially pronounced at the full professor level where only 3.4 percent of all posts are held by Blacks.

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