Two Africans at Cornell University Develop Garments to Fight Malaria

The garments use fabric that is embedded at the molecular level with insecticides to ward off mosquitoes infected with malaria, a disease that kills some 655,000 people annually in Africa.

University of Iowa Is a Powerhouse In Producing Minority Ph.D.s in Mathematics

Over the past decade, the mathematics department at the university of Iowa has awarded doctorates to 25 minority students. This is about 8 percent of all doctorates in mathematics awarded to minorities nationwide during the period.

Bucknell Program Seeks to Boost Retention of Minority Engineering Students

This year there are nine sophomores and 13 freshmen enrolled in the Engineering Success Alliance that provides academic support services, peer support, tutoring, and internship and research opportunities.

Texas A&M University to Admit Two Posses of 10 Students in 2013

In the fall of 2013, two posses of students, one from Atlanta and one from Houston, will enroll on the College Station campus.

The University of Wisconsin Takes the Lead in Advancing Diversity in Engineering Ph.D. Programs

Over the past decade, about 350 minority students have earned Ph.D.s in engineering nationwide. Forty-five of them have participated in the GERS program.

UConn Scientist on the Cutting Edge of Research on Regenerating Human Tissues

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin's work on tissue regeneration is called one of the "100 scientific discoveries that changed the world."

Carnegie Mellon University Teams Up With Kenya ICT Board

The groups are developing a credentialing examination for software developers that eventually they hope to roll out worldwide.

Bus Tour for Diversity In Medicine to Stop at Five HBCUs

At each school visited, about 150 students will participate in a full-day program where they will learn how to succeed in pursuing a medical career.

Pioneering Black Chemists in Ohio

Sabrina N. Collins, an assistant professor of chemistry at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, has published an informative study on some of the earliest African American chemists in Ohio.

Mentoring Program Aims to Increase the Number of Black Men Seeking Careers in Medicine

Fifteen African American male students from sixth grade classes in Pittsburgh area schools are chosen for the program each year.

Three African American Scholars Win Presidential Mentoring Awards

Solomon Bililign, Winston Anderson, and Juan Gilbert will receive their awards at a White House ceremony later this year.

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