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New ACT Test Results Show Very Few Black Students Are Prepared for College

According to the 2014 scores on the ACT college entrance examination, only one in 20 Black students were rated college-ready in all four areas: English, reading, mathematics and science. Whites were nearly seven times as likely as Blacks to be college ready in all four areas.

The Huge Racial Gap in College Readiness

Only 5 percent of all African American ACT test takers showed that they were "college ready" in all four subject areas of English, reading, mathematics, and science. For Whites, one third of all students were deemed college ready in all four subject areas.

No Progress in Closing the Racial Gap in ACT Test Scores

The ACT data shows that only 5 percent of Black ACT test takers met the organization's college readiness standards in all four major subject areas.

ACT Results Show a Huge Racial Gap in College Readiness

Only 4 percent of black ACT test takers were deemed to meet the college readiness benchmark in all subjects. For whites, the figure was 31 percent.

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