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A Trio of African Americans Who Have Been Appointed to Diversity Posts in Higher Education

The three African Americans who have been appointed to diversity positions in higher education are Carl Lawson at the University of Pittsburgh, Sydney M. Savion at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and Sheryl R. Wilson at Bethel College in Newton, Kansas.

Four African American Women Named to Diversity Positions in Higher Education

Taking on new roles relating to diversity are Jamila Lee-Johnson for the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, Sheryl R. Wilson at Bethel College in Kansas, Dionne Lambert at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, and Markeisha Miner at the University of Rhode Island.

New Assignments for Six Black Scholars at Colleges and Universities

Taking on new roles are Alphonso Simpson Jr. of Western Illinois University, Enzley Mitchell IV at Bethel College, Crystal R. Sanders at Penn State, Fred M. Ssewamala at Washington University, Kibibi Voloria Mack Shelton at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and Vashaun Wrice at Virginia State.

Nine African Americans Taking on New Administrative Duties in Higher Education

The new administrative appointees are Karyn S. Hollingsworth, Sheila Caldwell, Mark Alnutt, Ernie T. Hughes, Redgina Hill, Nyeema Watson, Nyote Calixte, Steven Smith, and Gordon A. Rowe Jr.

Two African American Men Appointed to Administrative Posts in Higher Education

Aaron Austin was named vice president for student life at Bethel College and Kevin Holmes is the new director of admissions at the University of the District of Columbia.

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