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“Black Sounding” Names Continue to Be a Disadvantage in the Job Market

Twenty years ago, a ground-breaking study found that people with names generally thought to be Black who submitted resumes to employers were less likely to be contacted for the job interviews compared to people with similar qualifications who had names that did not lead employers to believe the applicant was Black. A new study has found that not much has changed.

New Administrative Duties for Six African Americans at Colleges and Universities

Here is this week’s roundup of African Americans who have been appointed to new administrative positions at colleges and universities throughout the United States. If you have news for this section, please send an email to info@jbhe.com.

Four African American Women Appointed to Endowed Chairs at Bowdoin College in Maine

Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, has announced the appointments of four accomplished scholars to new endowed faculty professorships. The four endowed professorships all honor distinguished Black graduates of Bowdoin College. Jamella Gow, Allison Guess, Michele Reid-Vazquez, and Bianca Williams have been named as the first holders of the new endowed professorships.

New Faculty Assignments at Colleges and Universities for Five Black Scholars

Taking on new faculty roles are Michael Carbin at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Judith Casselberry at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, Yvonne Chireau at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, Tesfaye Mengiste at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Rae Shaw at San Francisco State University.

Four Endowed Chairs for Scholars on Race Established at Bowdoin College in Maine

The college will consider scholars and artists from across the academic spectrum for whose teaching and research will address race, racism, and social justice, with a particular focus on the challenges, histories, movements, and artistic and cultural productions of Black communities in the Americas.

Barbara Ransby Selected to Receive an Award From the Caribbean Philosophical Association

University of Illinois Chicago historian Barbara Ransby has been named a recipient of the Caribbean Philosophical Association’s Frantz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award. She was selected for the award “because of the historical and political importance of her writings, her tireless work as an institution-builder and activist."

Bowdoin College’s Michael Cato Honored for His Efforts to Promote Diversity

Michael Cato, senior vice president and chief information officer at Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine, is the recipient of the 2021 Diversity, Education, and Inclusion Award from EDUCAUSE, the nonprofit informational technology association.

Bowdoin College in Maine Has Established Four Endowed Chairs to Honor Black Alumni

Bowdoin College, the highly rated liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, has announced the creation of four new endowed faculty professorships that honor distinguished Black graduates of the college. The four new chairs will honor Matthew D. Branche, Iris W. Davis. Rasuli Lewis, and Frederic Morrow.

Africana Studies Becomes an Academic Department at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine

The African studies program at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, was established more than a half century ago. Now for the first time, it will be an academic department at the college.

Three African Americans Scholars Appointed to New Faculty Positions

Andre Marshall will join the faculty at the School of Engineering at George Mason University. James Haywood Rolling Jr. was appointed co-director of Lender Center for Social Justice at Syracuse University and Chryl Laird has been named the Marvin H. Green Jr. Assistant Professor of Government at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Seven African American Scholars Who Have Been Assigned New Roles or Duties in Higher Education

Here is this week’s listing of Black faculty members from colleges and universities throughout the United States who have been appointed to new positions or have been assigned new duties.

Three African Americans Appointed to Administrative Posts at Colleges and Universities

Rebecca Armstrong-English has been named the director of alumni relations at Dillard University in New Orleans. Sherri Braxton was named senior director for digital innovation at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and Jacob Koon was promoted to dean of students at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.

New Bowdoin College Courses Examines the Role of Black Women in U.S. Intellectual History

Established in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Africana studies at Bowdoin, the course, "Black Women’s Lives as the History of Africana Studies" addresses the diversity of social and political thought by Black women.

A Half Dozen Black Scholars Who Have Been Given New Roles or Assignments

Taking on new duties are Esther Obonyo at Pennsylvania State University, Larry Walker at the University of Central Florida, Ayodeji Ogunnaike at Bowdoin College, Riché Barnes at Mount Holyoke College, Noran L. Moffett at Fayetteville State University, and J. Camille Hall at the University of Tennessee.

Four Black Women Who Have Been Appointed to Positions as Deans

The new deans are Allyson L. Watson at Florida A&M University, Stephanie G. Adams at the University of Texas at Dallas, Alicia Golston at Rhodes College in Memphis, and Kristina Odejimi at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

New Roles for a Quartet of African American Faculty Members

Taking on new duties are Rebecca Davis at Simmons University in Boston, Sharon M. Howell at Saint Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, Adanna Jones at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and Tracey Fleming of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.

Bowdoin College Scholar Explores the Issue of Slavery in Relation to the State of Maine

Brian Purnell, an associate professor of history and Africana studies at Bowdoin College in Maine, believes that even though Maine's statehood nearly 200 years ago kept the balance between slave-states and free-states, it strengthened slavery elsewhere.

New Bridge Program at Bowdoin College Honors Alumnus Geoffrey Canada

The Geoffrey Canada Scholars program at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, was designed to transform the Bowdoin experience for students who are the first in their families to go to college, who come from low-income backgrounds, or who are from groups traditionally underrepresented at the college.

Pomona College in California Appoints Avis Hinkson as Dean of Students

Dr. Hinkson has been serving as dean of Barnard College in New York City. Earlier in her career, Dr. Hinkson was associate dean of admissions at Pomona College. She will begin her new job at Pomona College in Claremont, California, on August 1.

Bowdoin College Enrolls an Entering Class That Is 14.3 Percent Black

There are 501 students in the current first-year class at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The 72 Black students make up 14.3 percent of the first-year class. This ranks Bowdoin second in this year's annual survey of Black first-year students at the nation's leading liberal arts colleges.

New Positions or Duties for Four African American Scholars

Taking on new roles are T'Keyah Crystal Keymah at Florida A&M University, Chiquita A. Collins at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Brian Purnell at Bowdoin College in Maine, and T'Mars McCallum at Horry-Georgetown Technical College in South Carolina.

New Faculty Positions for Three Black Scholars

Rexford Ahima was appointed the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Diabetes at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Judith S. Casselbury was promoted and granted tenure at Bowdoin College in Maine, and Andre L. Churchwell was named to an endowed chair at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Bowdoin College Renovates Home of Harriet Beecher Stowe

The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin lived in the home from 1850 to 1852 during which time she wrote the book that became the best-selling novel of the nineteenth century.

Colleges Removing Reminders of the Confederacy From Campus

The University of Mississippi has taken down the official flag of the State of Mississippi because it has a Confederate battle flag in one corner. Bowdoin College in Maine is ending a scholarship honoring Jefferson Davis and returning the endowed fund to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Six Black Scholars Taking on New Faculty Assignments

They are: Theodore Greene at Bowdoin College, Cherif Keita at Carelton College, Mumba Mumba at Lewis and Clark Community College, Anthony E. Clement at Brooklyn College, Eliza Allen at the University of South Carolina, and Kafi D. Kumasi at Wayne State University.

Higher Education Grants of Interest to African Americans

Here is this week’s news of grants to historically Black colleges and universities or for programs of particular interest to African Americans in higher education.

Four Black Faculty Members Take on New Roles

The faculty members taking on new assignments are Ibrahim Cisse at MIT, Mellonee V. Burnim at Indiana University, Creola Johnson at Ohio State University, and Brian Purnell at Bowdoin College.

New Appointments of African Americans in Higher Education

Debra Barksdale was named director of the new doctoral program in nursing practice at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Mark Foster was promoted and granted tenure at Bowdoin College and Antoneia Roe was named director of judicial affairs in the student affairs division at Florida A&M University.

Notable Awards to African Americans in Higher Education

Samaa Abdurraqib of Bowdoin College, Bobby Wilson of the University of Alabama, and the department of Afro-American studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have been selected for prestigious honors.

Bowdoin Professor Wins Book Award From the New York State Historical Association

Brian J. Purnell is an assistant professor of Africana studies. His book examines the early days of the civil rights movement in Brooklyn.

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