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Five African Americans Who Have Been Hired to Diversity Positions in Higher Education

The five African Americans in new diversity roles are Anita Fernander at Florida Atlantic University, Patrick Dudley at Stanford University, Andrea Abrams at Cenre College in Danville, Kentucky, Amber Benton at Michigan State University and Gretchen Cook-Anderson at IES Abroad.

Centre College Removes Name of Alleged Bigot From Campus Hall

James Clark McReynolds was attorney general of the United States and then sat of the U.S. Supreme Court for 27 years. He refused to have Blacks or women as clerks and reportedly left the courtroom when the justices were addressed by Black or women attorneys.

New Alliance Seeks to Boost Black and Other Minorities in STEM Fields

Under the program, nine colleges and universities in Kentucky and West Virginia will seek to increase the percentage of minority students in STEM disciplines by 15 percent by 2016.

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