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Karin Edwards Will Be the Next President of Clark College in Vancouver, Washington

Since July 2014, Dr. Edwards has served as president of Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus. Dr. Edwards has served in administrative roles at community colleges for the past 38 years. She will become president of Clark College this coming summer.

Former Employee Charges Clark College With Racial Discrimination

The school’s former diversity outreach manager stated that the administration's behavior created a hostile and stressful work environment that resulted in her becoming physically ill from stress.

Two Black Women Named Finalists for President of Clark College in Vancouver, Washington

Clark College is a state-operated educational institution in Vancouver, Washington, with enrollments of nearly 10,000 students. African Americans are just 2 percent of the student body. The college recently announced a field of four finalists for president of the college. Two of the four candidates are Black women.

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