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The Stubborn Racial Gap in SAT Scores

The average combined score for Blacks of 1278 is 298 points below the average combined score for Whites. Since 2006 when the SAT test was revised, the racial scoring gap on the combined SAT has increased by seven points.

Will Changes to the SAT Help College-Bound Blacks?

The College Board has announced sweeping new changes to the SAT college entrance examination. One important development is the announcement of free test preparation services but it seems doubtful that the changes will appease the test's critics.

The Advanced Placement Tests on Which Black Students Have Been More Likely to Succeed

Of the 34 AP examinations offered in 2013, African Americans scored the highest on several foreign language tests. Also the racial gap in AP scores were the lowest on many of the foreign languages tests.

A Small Decrease This Year, But the Racial Gap in SAT Scores Remains Huge

The mean score for Blacks on the combined critical reading and mathematical portions of the SAT was 860. This was a four-point increase from a year ago. But the mean score for Whites on these sections was 201 points higher.

Black Participation in the AP Program Soars, But a Large Racial Scoring Gap Persists

Blacks made up 14.5 percent of the graduating Class of 2012 but were 9.2 percent of all AP test takers and only 4.4 percent of all students who successfully completed an AP examination.

No Progress in Closing the Racial Gap in SAT Scores

In 2012 the mean score for Whites on the reading and mathematics sections of the SAT was 1063, 207 points higher than the mean score for Blacks.

Black Students Taking More AP Tests, But the Racial Scoring Gap Persists

In 2011, Blacks were 14.7 percent of high school graduates, took 7.2 percent of AP tests, and were 4.1 percent of those who passed AP examinations.

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