Academic Study Finds Racial Differences in How Doctors Converse With HIV Patients

Healthcare providers talked about strict adherence to a drug regimen with Black patients more so than they did with White patients, regardless of whether there had been a problem with sticking to the regimen.

Two Universities Work to Battle HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Brown University has formed a new partnership with the University of Cape Town in South Africa to train the next generation of social scientists who will confront the HIV/AIDS epidemic in southern Africa. About one in six adults in South Africa is living with HIV.

Harvard-Trained Doctor Named to Head United Nations Effort on HIV/AIDS in Africa

Dr. Speciosa Wandira-Kasibwe is a senior adviser to the president of Uganda on population and health. From 1993 to 2004, she served as vice president of Uganda, the first woman in Africa to hold such a position.

Scholar Examines Attitudes of African Immigrants on Sex and HIV/AIDS

Matthew Asare recently competed his doctorate at the University of Cincinnati and is a visiting professor at Northern Kentucky University.

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