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Knoxville College Finds a Partner to Help With the Reaccreditation Process

Students in the doctoral program in higher education administration program at the University of Tennessee will help Knoxville College officials complete the paperwork necessary to pursue reaccreditation with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

New Administrative Positions for Three African Americans in Higher Education

Janet Wormack is the new vice president of administration and finance at Salisbury University in Maryland. Dasha Lundy has been named chief operating officer at Knoxville College in Tennessee and Chavis Paulk is the new vice president for finance and administration at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Leonard Adams Is the New Leader of Historically Black Knoxville College

At its peak in the 1960s, Knoxville College enrollments reached 1,200 students. The college lost its accreditation in 1997. By 2015, there were only 11 students enrolled for the spring semester and it suspended all classes for the next academic year. In 2018, the college once again began to offer classes, but only online.

In Memoriam: Joseph Echols Lowery, 1921-2020

Joseph Lowery, often referred to as the "Dean of the Civil Rights Movement," held a doctorate from the Chicago Ecumenical Institute. In 2002, the Joseph E. Lowery Institute for Justice & Human Rights was founded at Clark Atlanta University.

Knoxville College Offers Classes for the First Time Since 2015

Historically Black Knoxville College in Tennessee has reopened for business. But there are no students on campus. The college is only offering classes online.

Knoxville College Has Been on the Ropes But It Is Still Fighting to Survive

Knoxville College, a historically Black educational institution in Tennessee, has not held classes since 2015. But the college has now filed paperwork with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission with the goal of holding classes this coming fall.

The Continuing Woes of Historically Black Knoxville College in Tennessee

Historically Black Knoxville College in Tennessee lost its accreditation in 1997. It has not enrolled any students since the Spring 2015 semester. Now the city of Knoxville has forced college officials to leave campus because of unsafe conditions at the only two buildings that had remained open.

End of the Line for Knoxville College?

Knoxville College in Tennessee has continue to operate for the past 18 years despite the fact that it lost its accreditation. This spring only 11 students are enrolled and the college announced that it would suspend all classes for the fall 2015 semester.

Knoxville College Is the 2014 Winner of the Home Depot Retool Your School Tier 1 Grant

Knoxville College in Tennessee will use the grant to renovate the lower atrium of the Alumni Library. Floors, restrooms, and doors will be redone and new landscaping outside the building will be added.

Oakwood University Comes Out on Top In Home Depot’s Retool Your School Competition

Oakwood University, with only 1,939 students was able to beat its rivals, many of which have far larger student bodies, by calling on students, staff, and faculty at its partner institutions in the Seven-day Adventist network around the world to cast votes to benefit Oakwood.

Higher Education Grants of Interest to African-Americans

Here is this week’s news of grants to historically Black colleges and universities or for programs of particular interest to African Americans in higher education.

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