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Dinaw Mengestu and Dylan C. Penningroth Win “Genius Awards”

Among the 23 MacArthur Foundation Fellow this year are Ethiopian-born writer Dinaw Mengestu and Northwestern University historian Dylan C. Penningroth.

Dorothy Roberts Is the Newest PIK Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

For the past 14 years, Professor Roberts has been on the faculty at Northwestern University School of Law.

Do Pay-for-Grades Programs Work for African American High School Students?

Research by C. Kiradbo Jackson of Northwestern University shows that students in these programs are more likely to succeed in college and in the job market.

Northwestern University to Host a Summit of Black Studies Doctoral Programs

The three-day conference will be held in April and will be highlighted by a keynote address from poet and Yale University scholar Elizabeth Alexander.

Study Finds That Black Women Leaders Are Not Viewed Negatively When They Act Assertively

Researchers at Duke University and Northwestern University show that executives are perceived differently depending on their race and gender.

Notable Higher Education Grants Relating to African-Americans

Here is this week’s news of grants won by historically black colleges and universities or for programs of particular interest to African Americans in higher education.

Northwestern University Study Finds Vitamin D Deficiency in Black Men

African American men are 3.5 times as likely as white men to have vitamin D deficiency.

Black Youth’s Large Media Appetite

The study found that black and Latino youths spend one to two hours more watching television than whites and up to 90 minutes more on computers and cellphones.

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