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MIT Scholar Examines Colleges’ Ties to Slavery

Craig S. Wilder, a professor of history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the author of a fascinating new book that details the relationships of American colleges and universities with the institution of slavery.

University of South Carolina Exhibit Documents Early Black History on Campus

Included in the exhibit are documents that show how slaves were used on campus during the antebellum period and photographs and other materials on a brief period during Reconstruction when Blacks students and faculty were on campus.

Slave Cabin Reopens for Visitors on the Campus of Sweet Briar College

The cabin is one of about two dozen structures that housed slaves on the Sweet Briar Plantation in the pre-Civil War period. It is the only one that remains.

The University of Virginia to Examine Its Ties to Slavery

The University of Virginia has announced the formation of a commission that will investigate the university's historical relationship with slavery. The commission is made up of 27 faculty and staff, students, alumni, and members of the local community.

Harvard Examines Its Ties to Slavery

The Slavery and Research Project has published a 34-page booklet.

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