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Two African American Scholars Honored by the American Educational Research Association

The American Educational Research Association recently honored Jeraldo F.L. Jackson and Robert T. Palmer for their scholarship relating to diversity.

The University of Wisconsin Takes the Lead in Advancing Diversity in Engineering Ph.D. Programs

Over the past decade, about 350 minority students have earned Ph.D.s in engineering nationwide. Forty-five of them have participated in the GERS program.

Four African American Men Appointed to New Posts in Higher Education

F. Carl Walton, Everett Mitchell, Marvin Dawkins, and Timothy Bellamy are taking on new duties in higher education.

Racial Incident Reported at the University of Wisconsin

Two Black women report that they were subjected to racial slurs and had a glass bottle thrown at them by members of a fraternity.

A Trio of New Administrative Appointments

Damon Williams of the University of Wisconsin, Rose Obunaga of Stephens College, and Valerie Lee of Ohio State University are all assuming new roles.

Seven African Americans Who Will Be Taking on New Duties

Here is news of seven new appointments of African Americans to posts in the academic arena.

Two African American Women Receive Honorary Degrees from the University of Alicante in Spain

Professors Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford and Gloria Ladson-Billings of the University of Wisconsin are among the first three recipients of honorary degrees in education from the University of Alicante.

Two African Americans Appointed to Key Posts at the University of Wisconsin

Eric G. Williams and Carl B. Hampton have been appointed to administrative slots at the university.

Four African-American Educators Honored With Awards

The honorees are Gloria Ladson-Billings, Beverly Tatum, Patty Wilson, and Alphonso Sanders.

Measuring the Educational Impact of Living in a High Poverty Area

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood has a devastating impact of the life prospects of young blacks.

Two Black Scholars Named Fellows at Stanford’s CCSRE

Cherene Sherrard-Johnson and Barrymoore Bogues will spend the year at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.

University of Wisconsin Defends Its Admissions Program

In 2008, the University of Wisconsin at Madison admitted 71.8 percent of black applicants and 59.3 percent of white applicants.

University of Wisconsin Honors the First African-American Woman Graduate of Its Law School

Vel Phillips Hall is only the second building on campus named after an African American.

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