African-American Progress in Dental School Enrollments Hits a Wall

In 2000 there were 632 African Americans enrolled in U.S. dental schools. They made up 4.8 percent of all U.S. dental students. By 2005, the number of blacks enrolled in dental schools increased to 1,060. That year, blacks were 5.7 percent of the total enrollments in U.S. dental schools.

But since that time, the progress has halted. In the 2009-10 academic year, blacks remained stuck at 5.7 percent of all dental school enrollments.

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  1. Getting into dental schools can be difficult but we have many talented, ambitious students out there who have probably never thought about this career. Their only interaction with dentists tends to be painful experiences. Combat that and we’ll have more students applying to these programs.

  2. Our Students have been more drawn to the new Tech Sector for Fast/Quick Careers that Pay much more Money starting out if you are Lucky.The Process to GET into dental School is a grind. The ability to stay there once in is a Grind. I know of some Students Today coming out after 8-10yrs of Dental Educatiion with 3-400K in DEBT!
    Those facts frighten most qualified Students away from the Profession.I Also must Thank our Psychology gurus who kept Dentists at the top of the Professional Suicide Ladder!
    Still want to be a Dentist? Good Luck!
    (25 Years in and still going) Dr. KEB,DDS

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