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From time to time, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education will provide links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links presented direct the reader to articles from many different points of view that deal with issues of African Americans in higher education. The articles selected do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board of JBHE.

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Cambridge University Medicine Admissions Show Race Gap
The Guardian

Two Guiding Stars of Poetry Discuss Writing, Race, and History
News at Princeton

Next  Steps for Diversity Plan Focus on the Long Term
Cornell Chronicle

National Medal of Science Winner Striving for Diversity in Science

HBCUs May Sue Obama Administration
Defender Network

New President Key to Florida A&M University’s Chance at a Brighter Future
Sun Sentinel

Rutgers Sociologist Examines Racial Ambiguity in Media and Advertising
Rutgers FOCUS

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  1. As there is no means of commenting on the questions/concerns raised in the poll of the week, I thought that I would post, here. RE: the lack of young Black males’ interest in baseball: interest in many areas of life requires intentional exposure and encouragement. Young black males of the past 3 decades have received little, if any, of either vis a vis baseball in the U.S. It is not a ‘glamour’ sport. Who’s taking boys to games, explaining the nuances of the sport, telling them about the Negro leagues? This has zero to do with white folks; this is on us. As a proud Baltimore native, I rode multiple buses late on summer nights from Memorial Stadium with my parents, after getting bleacher splinters in my derriere; there were 3 of us children– not all boys. At home, the game was on the radio in the basement workroom as well as the 2nd floor sewing room.
    As a community we need to re-think our sterotypes, paradigms, and urban myths. The current ones are not serving our children well. While racism is alive and well in the USA, it is not the single-source cause of the ills that we all too conveniently characterize it to be.

    • I probably know you. I am Paul Evans who lives in Baltimore. I am a writer who used to work for the AFRO AND THE SUN. I can relate to everything you said. Reading the book by Sam Lacy would help black boys and girls understand more about the past and what Jackie Robinson endured for the sake of his people and all Americans. If you send me your e-mail address, I will send you a copy of an article I wrote for the AFRO that addresses some of what you say.

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Vanderbilt’s New Center for Research on Inequality and Health

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