Danielle Allen Will Join the Faculty at Harvard University

Danielle-AllenDanielle S. Allen, the esteemed African American political theorist, has announced that she will be joining the faculty at Harvard University this July as a professor of government. Professor Allen will also serve as director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at the university.

In 2007, Dr. Allen was named the UPS Foundation Professor in the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Dr. Allen was the first African American to be appointed to the permanent faculty in the 77-year history of the Institute.

Previously, Dr. Allen was dean of humanities and professor of classical languages and literature at the University of Chicago. She served on the faculty at the University of Chicago from 1997 to 2007. In 2002 Dr. Allen received the prestigious MacArthur Foundation genius award.

DAllenBookProfessor Allen is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University where she majored in the classics. She holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in the classics from Cambridge University. In addition, she has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University.

Dr. Allen is the author of four books: The World of Prometheus: The Politics of Punishing in Democratic Athens (Princeton University Press, 2000),  Talking to Strangers: Anxieties of Citizenship Since Brown v. Board of Education (University of Chicago Press, 2004), Why Plato Wrote (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), and Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality (Liveright, 2014).

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  1. Dear JHBE,

    This news article is quite disheartening in my view because it once again shows another brilliant Black American scholar (e.g. Dr. Danielle Allen) who will use her intellectual prowess in the interests of another Historically White College and University (HWCU) called Harvard University. In my opinion, someone of Dr.Danielle Allen intellectual caliber should be situated at one of our beloved HBCUs. Unfortunately, the majority of the HBCUs cannot provide the fiscal and material accoutrements that she’ll receive at these well heeled HWCUs. Thereby, if money is the primary factor for many Black American scholars/administrators, our HBCUs will continue to be on losing end.

    • I totally disagree with Michael. Dr Allen should go where the opportunity lies.. Period!
      What we as black folks must do is forget this whole romantic notion of socialism and wholeheartedly embrace the capitalist system therefore laying the groundwork so that we can fund our black institutions so that they can compete with Harvard and Stanford and any other top university for talent. Michael is living in a dream world.

    • indeed. not to mention that in 2007 she was the FIRST black full-time appointment at the institute for advanced study in new jersey. what a sad statement on racist hiring practices in the united states. we should be tired of being thrown bones.

  2. Re: David and Clay;

    It’s quite obvious that you missed my point on numerous levels. I never implied that I was against capitalism and a staunch supporter of socialism. Yes, we have the right to work wherever we so decide in America. We need to be mindful that too many degree holding Blacks incessantly take their talents to HWCUs or White owned MNCs, this indirectly harms our Black community. In fact, you will never see no other ethnic group participating in this type of dysfunctional behavior. In fact, this type of behavior is akin to a perpetual brain drain of Black America. Then, one can very easily find so-called educated Blacks browbeating less-fortunate Blacks amongst their White peers.

    Further, you can not compare any HBCU to Harvard or Stanford University by any measure. Let’s be honest David, you can not any other HWCU to Harvard who has an endowment of an estimated $35 billion. Besides, why would any HBCU want to be a carbon copy of these institution based upon the type of people it produces from people who rob other nations of their mineral resources, devalue other countries currency, maintain intellectual hegemony, or sit in laboratories creating viruses to destroy crops and certain groups of people. Last point, it’s quite apparent you are arbiters of neoliberalism and professional narcissism. Keep in mind, no matter how many degrees you hold, who you’re married to, the car you drive, or how much capital you have; you will still be treated disparately regardless if you admit it or not.

  3. Whenever I read a story like this, my heart swells with pride. But I also get a sense of frustration, because a lot of young African American school girls will never get a sense of what Dr. Allen has accomplished. If this info was shared the way that it should be, Dr. Allen could be a tremendous role model for so many.

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