Black Historian Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The suit claims that "Dr. Brian Mitchell has experienced a nearly continuous pattern of discriminatory interference with achieving access to fair terms, conditions, and opportunities for advancement."

University of Wisconsin-Madison Removes a Boulder That Was Offensive to Many on Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has removed a 70-ton boulder from the heart of campus. In 1925, the rock was removed from a campus construction site and placed near Washburn Observatory. The boulder became know as "niggerhead rock."

Hate Crimes Continue to Plague College and University Campuses

In 2018, of the more than 34,000 criminal incidents that occurred on the campuses of postsecondary institutions and were reported to police or security agencies, 814 incidents were classified as hate crimes. Race was the motivating bias in 43 percent of reported hate crimes.

Racist Graffiti Found on the Campuses of Northern Kentucky and Kent State Universities

A mural on a rock at Northern Kentucky University that contained support for Black student organizations was vandalized with the logo of the Patriot Front, a White supremacist group, and the N-word was founded scrawled on a plague at Kent State University in Ohio.

Racist Hate Message Found on the Campus of Kansas State University

The message displayed on a white board at the Multicultural Student Center asked “Why do you celebrate Black History Month?” The answers to this question found on February 26 during Black History Month said “What history?” and “Because it’s a joke.”

Virtual Events at the City University of New York Zoom Bombed by Racists

Several virtual Zoom events hosted by CUNY campuses were the targets of hateful attacks by individuals who infiltrated the online forums and posted racist, White supremacist messages and images. The events included campus celebrations of Black History Month.

Vandals Attack the Home of the First Black President of the University of the...

Reuben Brigerty stated that "they have trashed our lawn with beer cans and liquor bottles. They have left threatening messages on pilfered signs near our back door and they have taken measures to ensure that my family and I saw the indecent insults that they left behind."

How Hate Crimes in a State Impact Enrollments at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The authors of the study, published by the Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis, found that an increase in reports of state-level hate crimes predicted a 20 percent increase in Black first-time student enrollment at HBCUs.

Racist Caller Leaves Offensive Voice Mail Messages at Simmons College of Kentucky

Administrators at Historically Black Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville received at least two racially offensive voice mails following the presidential election.

A Racial Incident on the Campus of Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts

More than 100 students participated in a sit-in at the administration building after a pro-Black Lives Matter T-shirt with the phrase “Yes they do” on the front was defaced with a racist slur and placed on a table in the laundry room in a campus dormitory.

Racial Slur Found on a Sidewalk at Arizona State University

The university’s Black African Coalition noted that due to current racial tensions in the country “it is very likely that incidents like this will continue to happen around our campuses and the surrounding area.”

University of Georgia Online Guest Lecture Zoombombed With Racial Slurs and Threats

The approximately 40-minute lecture by Dr. Garcia Peña of Harvard University discussed how the killing of Black Dominican feminists, in an attempt to silence their activism, was countered by the kinship and community networks of the larger Afro-Dominican Diaspora.

Penn State Men’s Basketball Coach Resigns After Investigation of “Noose” Remark

An internal investigation following a report that the coach told a Black player that he would "loosen the noose that's around your neck," uncovered new undisclosed allegations that led to the resignation.

Former Assistant Dean at Millersville University in Pennsylvania Files Race Discrimination Lawsuit

The suit alleges severe harassment from her superiors, including leaving her out of important meetings, denying opportunities for advancement, being passed over for promotion, and interfering with an attempt to hire a Black student to assist her.

Racists Stage a Vehicle Parade Through the Campus of Elon University in North Carolina

Occupants of the vehicles were heard to yell "White Power!" as they passed through campus. The protestors also yelled "No they don't" as onlookers who held Black Lives Matter signs.

University of Michigan-Dearborn Apologizes for What Appeared to Be Segregated Chat Rooms

The University of Michigan-Dearborn recently hosted two concurrent virtual conversations, which were called “cafes.” One was for people of color and the other for those who are not people of color. The use of the word "cafe" caused some people on campus to believe that the university was establishing racially segregated facilities.

White Supremacist Spray Paints Racist Messages on University of Wisconsin Buildings

Among the messages spray-painted on buildings were "Aryan Brotherhood," and "White Lives Matter Most." After examining security camera footage, police arrested a 71-year-old White man and charged him with five counts of criminal damage to property.

Hardin-Simmons University Student Posts Racist Video on Social Media

A student at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, is no longer enrolled at the university, after it was discovered that she posted a racist video on social media.

As Protestors Take to the Streets, the Haters Still Lurk in the Academic World

Amidst what may be the greatest wave of protests for racial justice ever seen in the United States, it is not surprising that there have been reactions from those who hold bigoted or racist views.

Racist Zoombombs Oklahoma City University’s Online Graduation Ceremony

On May 9, Oklahoma City University held its graduation online on the Zoom platform. During the benediction offered by student Jay Williams, the hacker displayed a swastika and a racial slur on the screen.

Racists Zoombomb Black Student Group at the University of South Carolina

During an online social gathering of the Association of African American Students at the University of South Carolina, racist individuals crashed the Zoom meeting and proceeded to post a plethora of images, videos, and messages containing racist slurs and derogatory terms.

Race Is the Most Frequent Motivation for Hate Crimes on College Campuses

A new report from the U.S. Department of Education and the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that there were 860 hate crimes on college and university campuses that were reported to the police or campus security agencies in 2015. The actual number of hate crime incidents is probably much higher.

Professor at Wake Forest University Apologizes for Reading the N-Word Aloud in Class

In teaching a class on free speech, a Wake Forest University professor read portions of a Supreme Court decision that included the n-word.

Racist Incidents at Southern Oregon University in Ashland

A racial slur was written on the door of an African American resident assistant at Southern Oregon University. Later a swastika was found at the same residence hall.

University Recruiter Asks African American Students to Line Up by Skin Tone and Hair...

The recruiter for Oklahoma Chrisitian University asked the African American students to line up based on the tone of their skin from lightest to darkest. He then told the students to line up in a different order with those with the straightest hair in front and those with the "nappiest hair" in back.

Once Again, Racist Graffiti Found on the Campus of Salisbury University in Maryland

Charles Wright, president of Salisbury University, canceled classes for one day after racist graffiti was found in two campus buildings. A day later, the university announced that a suspect had been identified.

Carnegie Mellon University Created a Map That Excluded Some Black Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

The map labeled some of the neighborhoods near the university. But there were oddly-shaped blank spaces on the map. As it turns out some of these blank spaces were neighborhoods with predominantly Black populations.

White Supremacists Are Increasingly Targeting College Campuses to Spread Their Propaganda

Approximately one-fourth (630) of the total (2,711) White supremacist propaganda incidents in 2019 took place on campus – nearly double the 320 campus incidents counted in 2018. During the 2019 fall semester, ADL counted 410 incidents on campus – more than double any proceeding semester.

Chapman University Student Utters Racist Tirade in University Classroom

A student at Chapman University in Orange, California, was arrested on several charges after he uttered a racist tirage in a university classroom, destroyed university property, and resisted arrest.

George Washington University President Apologizes for Racially Insensitive Remarks

Thomas J. LeBlanc was asked if he would divest securities of fossil fuel companies if a majority of students called for it. In response he said: “What if the majority of the students agreed to shoot all the Black people here? Do I say, ‘Ah, well the majority voted?’"

Racial Slur Found Written on a Black Student’s Dormitory Door at the University of...

Police at the University of Richmond in Virginia reported that three incidents of racism occurred on campus late last month. In one incident, an African American student had a racial slur written on the name tag on her dormitory room door.

Black Student Files Lawsuit Against Texas Christian University

According to the lawsuit, the Black student went on a trip to Washington, D.C. last summer with other members of the university's Honors College and was subjected to abuse by other students and faculty.

Syracuse University Taking Further Efforts to Improve Campus Climate for Black Students

After a series of racial incidents occurred on campus during the fall semester, Syracuse University announced that it would take steps to improve the campus climate for African American students who make up 6 percent of the student body and students from other underrepresented groups.

Former Employee Charges Clark College With Racial Discrimination

The school’s former diversity outreach manager stated that the administration's behavior created a hostile and stressful work environment that resulted in her becoming physically ill from stress.

Was a White Power Hand Symbol Used at the Army-Navy Football Game?

During the pregame telecast, students were seen using an upside-down OK hand gesture that has been ruled a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. The OK hand symbol used upside down is said to form the letters WP and has been used by some far-right groups as a symbol for "White Power."

White Student Gives Racist Rant on “Open Mic” Night at Bryant University in Rhode...

In a stand-up comedy act, the student stated: "It’s amazing. White people, we can’t really tell Black people what to do anymore. We used to be able to do that. But we can’t anymore."

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