Five Football Players Suspended for Racist Social Media Posts at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The students ridiculed Black Male Empowerment, a student organization on campus and included a photograph of a Ku Klux Klan cross-burning ceremony with the post.

Black Students Confronted by Racial Slurs at the University of Florida

The Black students were in a van operated by Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol, a free service to provide safe transportation for students around campus. The van was approached by two White male students, one of whom used a racial slur.

After a Racist Incident, Syracuse University Suspends All Social Activities of Fraternities

An African American woman was targeted with a racial slur as she walked by a fraternity house. The student newspaper at the university reported that recently "at least 10 hate crimes or bias-related incidents have been reported on or near campus."

Racist Graffiti Found on the Campus of Salisbury University in Maryland

The latest incident included the threat of violence. The message scrawled on a stairway wall contained a racial slur and referred to the massacre at a Connecticut elementary school that left 26 people dead.

Two White Students Arrested for Yelling Racial Slurs at the University of Connecticut

The White male students were charged with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race. They were released pending a court date.

Toilet Paper Noose Hung on Dormitory Door at Michigan State

The university reported the incident to campus police and after investigating the incident, decided that it was a "Halloween prank" and was not intended to "offend anyone or denote any racial bias."

Black Students Respond to Racist Incident on the Campus of the University of Colorado...

Two Black students at the University of Colorado at Boulder were verbally abused by a White woman who is not affiliated with the university. After the incident, the Black Student Alliance issued a set of demands to the university's administration.

University of Wisconsin Video Touting Diversity Comes Up Short

The student homecoming committee at the University of Wisconsin-Madison posted a video online touting the university's diversity. But the video was criticized and pulled offline when it became apparent that few students of color appeared in the video.

Four White Students at Colorado State Posed for Photo In Blackface

The university president issued a statement saying that the photo caused a great deal of pain to members of the university community, but that the social media posting was protected by the First Amendment and the students would not be punished.

Black Student Attacked on the Campus of the University of Arizona

A Black student at the University of Arizona was accosted by two White students who used racial slurs. When the African American student told the two White students to stop the verbal abuse, he was attacked. The Black student was punched in the head and kicked while he lay on the ground.

Faculty Members at Wake Forest University Receive Racist Emails

The messages were directed to faculty and staff in the department of sociology, the department of women, gender and sexuality studies, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the LGBTQ+ Center, and the Intercultural Center.

Noose Found in a Residence Hall on the Campus of the University of Illinois

The on-campus group Black Students for Revolution issued a statement expressing disappointment that two days after the noose was found campus officials had not made any statement about the incident.

New Report Documents the Rise of Racial Hate on College and University Campuses

The report document that in 2016, more than 1,000 hate crimes were committed on college campuses across the country. Furthermore, the report finds that between 2011 and 2016, there was a 40 percent increase in campus hate crimes.

Noose Found Hanging From a Tree on Stanford University Campus

A noose was found hanging from a tree in front of a student residence on the Stanford University campus. The residence hall was housing high school students who were attending a camp on campus.

Harvard Law School Students Receive Racist Messages

The messages included “we all hate u”, “you know you don’t belong here” and “you're just here because of affirmative action.”

White Professor Sues Tuskegee University for Age and Race Discrimination

Marshall Burns joined the faculty at the university in 1976, was promoted to associate professor in 1978, and to full professor in 1980. Yet, according to the lawsuit, his annual salary of $60,500, is akin to what an associate professor at the university would receive.

Three Ole Miss Students Suspended From Fraternity for Offensive Photograph

The photograph showed the three students armed with guns and smiling in front of a historical marker designating where the body of Emmett Till was found in 1955. The sign was riddled with bullet holes.

Jury Awards Bakery $11.2 Million, Says Oberlin Official Falsely Accused It of Racial Profiling

Evidence presented at the trial showed that the dean of students at the college created a flyer that told students to boycott Gibson's Bakery, claiming the local business had a history of racial profiling.

Former Orchestra Leader Files Race Discrimination Complaint Against Brown University

Brandon Keith Brown, the former director of the orchestra at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has filed a discrimination complaint with the state's Commission for Human Rights. The complaint alleges that Brown was fired because of his race.

University of North Carolina Coach Who Allegedly Made Racist Comments, Resigns

Reportedly, Coach Sylvia Hatchell had told her players that they would be hung "from trees with nooses" if there on-the-court performance did not improve.

Racist Video Showing Ohio University Students Circulated on Social Media

A racist video showing students at Ohio University was found on a GroupMe chat and then was widely circulated on social media. The video show one student reciting a rhyme with a racial slur.

Hollins University President Removes Digital Access to Four Yearbooks Containing Racist Imagery

The president of Hollins University, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Roanoke, Virginia, removed online access to four of the university's yearbooks. Those particular issues of the university's yearbooks contain photos of students and faculty in blackface or have other racist imagery.

Vandals Deface a Memorial to Enslaved Black Workers at the University of North Carolina

The Unsung Founders Memorial was installed in 2005 to honor the enslaved and free African-Americans who helped construct buildings on campus. Vandals wrote racist language on the memorial in permanent marker and also urinated on it.

University of Georgia Fraternity Suspended After Racist Video Appears on Social Media

The 30-second video shows one individual hitting another individual with a belt. One person is heard saying "Pick my cotton, bitch." Later in the video, a racial slur was substituted for the word "bitch."

University of Missouri Fires Police Officer After Officials Uncover Racist Picture

Recently, the University of Missouri fired a university police officer immediately after officials verified the authenticity of a photo of the officer appearing in blackface.

Racist Video of College of Charleston Students Circulated Online

The U.S. Census Bureau says that Blacks make up more than 27 percent of South Carolina's population. But, African Americans make up just 8 percent of the undergraduate student body at the state-operated College of Charleston.

Race-Related Arson on the Campus of the University of La Verne in California

A photo was posted on social media of university students who were protesting against racism. The caption read, "Every single one in this photo will get what' coming to them." The next day, a burning backpack was found in one student's car.

University of Tennessee Students Post Racist Photo on Social Media

The photo included four university students, two of whom had donned charcoal face masks.

Black Doll Found Hanging From a Shower Rod in a Residence Hall at Eastern...

The student who hung the doll insisted that it was merely "a prank." The president of the university called the incident "a racist act" and turned over the results of the university's investigation to local prosecutors.

Eastern Virginia Medical School to Investigate Racist Photos in Yearbooks

Following the revelation that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had a photograph of a student in blackface and another student in a Ku Klux Klan costume on his 1984 yearbook page, the Eastern Virginia Medical School announced it would investigate how this could have happened.

Two University of Oklahoma Students in Blackface Post Video on Social Media

Two White women at the University of Oklahoma posted a video on social media showing one of the women in blackface and using a racial slur. The two women have now withdrawn from the university.

Student at the University of Tennessee Uses Racial Slur in Social Media Video

A member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at the University of Tennessee was suspended from the Greek organization after a racist video surfaced on social media. The student was asked on a short video what she called Black people. She shouted "Niggers."

Two Students at St. John Fisher College Vandalize Statue of Frederick Douglass

Two football players at St. Jon Fisher College were reportedly yelling racial slurs when they pulled down a statue of Frederick Douglass.

Student Shouted White Supremacist Views in Confrontation With Black Students at Columbia

A White sophomore at Columbia University in New York City was seen on video harassing a group of African American students outside the Butler Library on campus.

Racist Graffiti at Goucher College in Baltimore Threatens African American Students

The graffiti which contained a racial slur, included the dormitory room numbers where Black students lived. African Americans make up 15 percent of the undergraduate student body at Goucher College.

Davidson College Investigating Racist Tweets Allegedly Posted by Students

Davidson College, the highly rated liberal arts educational institution in North Carolina, is investigating racist and anti-Semitic tweets. The Davidson College Sailing Team reportedly has removed two of its students due to connections with the racist tweets.

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