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Three Black Scholars Named to New Teaching Positions

Carlyle Brewster was promoted to full professor of entomology at Virginia Tech. Allan Boesak was named to a joint professorship at Butler University and the Christian Theological Seminary and Keith N. Hylton of Boston University Law School was named a Distinguished Professor at the university.

Boston University Study Links Low Level of Education With Obesity Among Black Women

The results showed that women whose parents had not completed high school were more likely to become obese than women who had at least one parent who completed college.

Four African Americans Presented With Awards

M. Christopher Brown II, Sonja Trent-Brown, Isabel Wilkerson, and Nell Russell are honored for their work in higher education.

Three Black Men Named to Prestigious Faculty Posts

Marcus C. Bruce at Bates College, Gene A. Jarrett at Boston University, and Stephon H.S. Alexander at Dartmouth College are named to important teaching positions.

Where Do College Students Stand on the Issue of Affirmative Action?

With the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a case on the race-sensitive admissions program at the University of Texas, it appears that there is a wide variety of opinions on the subject among college students.

University Study Finds Link Between Smog and Diabetes and Hypertension Among Black Women

Women who had the highest exposure to nitrogen oxides, as a result of traffic-related air pollution, had a 24 percent higher risk of diabetes.

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