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New Alliance Seeks to Boost Black and Other Minorities in STEM Fields

Under the program, nine colleges and universities in Kentucky and West Virginia will seek to increase the percentage of minority students in STEM disciplines by 15 percent by 2016.

Racial Differences in Educational Funding for Doctoral Recipients

According to data on students who earned doctoral degrees in 2012, nearly 40 percent of African American doctoral recipients funded their education through their own resources compared to 21 percent of Whites.

Racial Differences in Educational Debt Levels for Doctoral Students

Blacks who earned doctorates in 2012 had an average of $54,132 in debt from educational loans. Whites who earned doctorates had average educational debts of $25,992.

Racial Differences in Time Span to Earn a Doctoral Degree

For African Americans who earned doctoral degrees in 2012, the average number of years that they spent from the time they graduated from college to the time they earned their doctorate was 11.9 years. For Whites the figure is 9 years.

Academic Disciplines Where African Americans Earned No Doctoral Degrees in 2012

In 2012, there were 1,605 doctoral degrees awarded in various fields where none of the recipients were African Americans.

No Progress in Closing the Racial Gap in Doctoral Degrees

In 2012, African Americans earned 2,079 doctoral degrees. This was 6.3 percent of all doctoral degrees awarded to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. In 2002, African Americans also earned 6.3 percent of all doctoral degrees.

Virginia Tech’s Bevlee Watford Spending Two Years at the National Science Foundation

The associate dean for academic affairs at the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, will be the program manager for broadening participation in the engineering education and centers division of the NSF.

The Top Undergraduate Feeder Institutions for Blacks Who Earn Scientific Doctorates

The National Science Foundation reports that between 2002 and 2011, 9,202 Blacks received doctorates in science and engineering fields. Howard University in Washington, D.C., was the leading undergraduate feeder institution for Blacks who earned doctorate in these fields.

CalTech’s Stephen Mayo Appointed to the National Science Board

Professor Mayo joined the faculty at CalTech in 1991 and for a time was the only African American on the university's faculty. From 2007 to 2010, he served as CalTech's vice provost for research.

Academic Disciplines Where African Americans Earned No Doctoral Degrees in 2011

There are a large number of specific academic disciplines where African Americans earn no doctoral degrees whatsoever.

A Decline in Doctoral Degree Awards for African Americans

The number of African Americans earning doctorates has declined in each of the past two years, after reaching an all-time high in 2009. Over the last decade, the percentage of all doctoral degree awards that were earned by Blacks has stagnated at close to 6 percent.

Three HBCUs Awarded Materials Research Grant Programs From the National Science Foundation

Howard University, Jackson State University, and Norfolk State University will receive five-year grants to conduct materials research and education programs.

North Carolina A&T State University Receives National Science Foundation Grant

The university's Engineering Research Center will use the grant to design and test an innovative device for spinal fusion operations.

Number of Blacks Earning Doctorates Declined in 2010

Some, but not all, of the decline is due to a reclassification of 77 doctoral programs in education.

Where African Americans With Scientific Doctorates Find Work

Blacks with scientific doctorates are more likely than similarly educated whites to work in academia while whites are more likely than blacks to work in the corporate world.

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