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J. Luke Wood Selected to Lead California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Wood has been serving as vice president for student affairs and campus diversity and chief diversity officer and the Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Education at San Diego State University. He joined the faculty there in 2011.

In Memoriam: Dorothy Louise Christel White Smith, 1939-2202

Dr. Smith taught at Long Beach City College, Grossmont Community College, San Diego City College, and San Diego State University. Dr. Smith also was appointed, then elected, to the Board of Education in 1981, becoming the first Black woman ever to be elected to public office in San Diego.

San Diego State University Decides Not to Accept the Donation of a Black Music Archive

In 2020, alumni of San Diego State University donated their John Coltrane Memorial Black Music Archive to the university. Later the university requested $500,000 from the donors to properly handle the collection. The university has now decided not to accept the donation.

In Memoriam: Dorothy L.W. Smith, 1939-2022

Dorothy Smith taught at Long Beach City College, Grossmont Community College, and later San Diego City College, where she was a professor for 24 years. Smith also lectured at San Diego State University. She was the first Black woman to be elected to public office in San Diego, serving on the school board for nearly eight years.

Brandon Gamble to Head the Black Resource Center at San Diego State University

Before coming to San Diego State University in 2021 as the Charles Bell Faculty Scholar, Dr. Gamble was a faculty member and dean of student success at Oakwood University in Alabama. Earlier, he was the school psychology program coordinator and instructor at California State University, Long Beach.

Marsha Gable Selected as the New Leader of Grossmont College in El Cajon, California

Dr. Gable has been serving for the past five years as vice president of student services at Grossmont College. She served for eight months in 2019 and 2020 as interim president of San Diego Miramar College. Earlier, Dr. Gable was dean of counseling services and admissions and records at Cuyamaca College in Rancho San Diego, California.

Jon Cawthorne Is the New Leader of the Association of College and Research Libraries

Dr. Cawthorne became dean of the Wayne State University Library System in 2017. Earlier in his career, he was dean of libraries at West Virginia University, associate dean for public services and assessment at Florida State University Libraries, and dean of the San Diego State University Library.

In Memoriam: Elijah Walter Miles, 1934-2020

Dr. Miles joined the faculty at San Diego State University in 1966. At that time he was the only African American on the university's faculty. This earned him the nickname "The Godfather of Black Faculty."

New Assignments for Five African American Scholars in Academia

The five Black scholars taking on new duties or positions are J. Luke Wood at San Diego State University, Riché J. Daniel Barnes at Mount Holyoke College, Destine Nock at Carnegie Mellon University, André L. Churchwell at Vanderbilt University, and Sampson Gholston at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Helen Griffith to Lead the Highly Successful Charter School at the University of California, San Diego

Since 2012, Dr. Griffith has been serving as the founding executive director and CEO of е3 Civic High, a public charter high school located in the San Diego Central Public Library. The Preuss School of the University of California, San Diego caters to low-income students who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college.

New Study Aims to Identify Best Practices in Mentoring to Increase Diversity in STEM Fields

Angela Byars-Winston, professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been selected to lead a committee of the National Academy of Sciences that will seek to identify the best mentoring techniques to bring more women and members of underrepresented groups into STEM fields.

Race Determined to Be a Major Factor for Employment of Breast Cancer Survivors

In a study conducted at Washington University in St. Louis, the data showed that African-American patients were four times more likely to leave the workforce despite fighting a cancer with high survival rates than was the case for White patients of the same age.

Three Black Scholars Appointed to Notable Professorships at American Universities

J. Luke Wood was named Dean's Distinguished Professor at San Diego State University. Michelle Wright was named to an endowed chair at Emory University in Atlanta, and T. Joel Wade was appointed to a Presidential Professorship at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Racial Differences in Food and Housing Insecurity Among Community College Students

The data from a study conducted at San Diego State University showed that among community college students 48.4 percent of Black men and 41.1 percent of Black women expressed housing insecurity. Black men also had a very high level of food insecurity.

A Blueprint for Advancing the Educational Success of Black Males

A consortium of seven research centers on education have issued a report that offers an assessment of the educational status of African American males at all levels of education and offers recommendations on what can be done to improve their prospects for success.

The New Director of the Center for African American Research and Policy

J. Luke Wood is an assistant professor of administration, rehabilitation, and postsecondary education and interim director of the doctoral program in community college leadership at San Diego State University.

Former Professor to Chair California Committee Investigating Hate Crimes on College Campuses

Shirley N. Weber, a Democrat Assemblywoman from San Diego and a former professor at San Diego State University, will chair a 15-member commission investigating hate crimes on state university campuses.

African American Scholar Honored by the Council for the Study of Community Colleges

J. Luke Wood, an assistant professor of administration, rehabilitation, and postsecondary education at San Diego State University, was honored for vast scholarship pertaining to community colleges, particularly in relation to African American men.

Africana Studies Scholar Elected to the California State Assembly

Shirley Weber, professor and chair of the department of Africana studies at San Diego State University, will be the first African American state legislator in California from a district south of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Study Finds Racial Bias in Split-Second Decision-Making on Who Is Dangerous

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado and San Diego State University finds that both college students and police officers exhibit racial bias when confronted with split-second decisions on who is dangerous and who is not.

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