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Stanford Struggles to Increase the Number of African American Graduate Students

The percentage of Blacks in the Class of 2015 at Stanford is triple the percentage of African Americans in the university's graduate schools.

Two African Americans Share the Gittler Prize

Professors Frances Smith Foster and Clayborne Carson will share the $25,000 Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize from Brandeis University.

Grants and Gifts

This week’s grants to HBCUs or for programs relating to African Americans.

Study Finds That Perceptions of Race Can Be Altered by Cues of Social Status

In determining the race of a person in an image, participants were influenced by the subject's attire.

Two Black Scholars Named Fellows at Stanford’s CCSRE

Cherene Sherrard-Johnson and Barrymoore Bogues will spend the year at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.

Expanding the Research on Stereotype Threat

Research conducted many years ago by Claude Steele at Stanford University, and later confirmed by Professor Steele and other researchers, has shown that black students perform poorly on standardized tests because they fear mistakes will confirm negative stereotypes about their group. A new study at Stanford has shown that this "stereotype threat" can also hinder black students in learning new material.

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