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University of Florida to Offer a Major in African American Studies

The University of Florida in Gainesville has offered a program in African American studies for the past 45 years but until now students could not major in the discipline.

The Impact of Racial Discrimination on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

According to a new scholarly study, African Americans who believe they have been confronted by racial discrimination are more likely to abuse alcohol and illegal drugs. And the study showed that the perception of unfair treatment can lead to long-term substance abuse problems.

White Students at the University of Florida Attend Frat Party in Blackface

It seems that each Halloween there are stories of college students dressing up in blackface to attend costume parties. This year is no exception.

Bernard Oliver Is One of Four Finalists for Dean of Education at the University of Georgia

He is a professor in the School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education at the University of Florida.

Three African American Women Named to Prestigious Posts in Higher Education

The new appointees are Marlene Helm at Midway College, Belinda Anderson at Norfolk State University, and Carolyn Tucker at the University of Florida.

Cirecie West-Olatunji Elected President of the American Counseling Association

The associate professor of counseling education at the University of Florida, will serve one year as president elect before assuming the leadership post in July 2013.

Curtis Reynolds Earns Promotion at the University of Florida

He was promoted to vice president for business affairs.

University of Florida Seeks to Increase Racial Diversity in Its Doctoral Programs

The HBCU-UF Master's to Ph.D. Pathway Project targets high performing master's degree students at historically black colleges and universities.

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