Money Is a Major Factor in Why Black Students Drop Out of College

A new report from the Department of Education offers data on why students dropout of college. The report concerns students who entered college in 2003 and dropped out of school by the next year. The data shows that 33 percent of Black men cited financial reasons for leaving college. For Black women, 26 percent said that financial reasons prompted them to leave school.

There was little racial difference between Blacks and Whites  in the percentage of students who cited financial reasons for leaving school. But Hispanic men were far more like to cite money as the reason they left school.

The full report, entitled Higher Education: Gaps in Access and Persistence Study, can be accessed here.

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  1. My dad had to drop out of the University of Pittsburgh in 1934 during height of the Great Depression because of a lack of funds/money.
    Even though he was a star member of Pitt’s track & field team they did not come to his rescue.
    Our family was part of the first Great Wave of Southern Migration to the north coming to Pittsburgh in 1901.

  2. The report left out a very important factor. Was it tuition money or living money? Many students get money to go to college but do not get money to live while going. So they drop out. It’s hard to concentrate when you are hungry.

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