Racist Graffiti Written on a Greenhouse at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

SiusealRacist graffiti was found written on a greenhouse at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Published reports stated that the two-word phrase included the word “Kill” and a racial epithet. The incident prompted a Black student leader to write a letter to the editor of the student newspaper on campus saying that African American students on campus “experienced more pure, unadulterated racism in one semester” than in several previous years combined.

The Black student leader alleged that African American students had been harassed by other students and by university employees this semester. She also questioned the treatment of Black students by Carbondale police.

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  1. African American students on campus ‘experienced more pure, unadulterated racism in one semester” than in several previous years combined.”

    I consider the above statement to be very serious. I empathize with African-American students at the University. The administration at the University must take this claim seriously and carry out an investigation, as a matter of urgency. They must come up with recommendations and an Action Plan to rectify the situation.

    African-American students are at the University to acquire a degree to improve the quality of their lives. They should not be subjected to ‘unadulterated racism’. This situation must stop.

    I call upon the NAACP to investigate the situation of African-American students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

  2. It appears that each step up the ladder of progress accomplished or attempted by African Americans, the more overt, frequent, and vitriolic expressions of racism become. This seems especially prevalent in some quarters of academia.

  3. In particular, this is ever more of a reason why African American students need to learn more about and attend their own schools. HBCU’s were and are a place for us to go when we were and are not accepted elsewhere. African Americans need to look at themselves as being more than what is seen in the media. Also, to value our institutions of higher education as valuable places to learn.

    HBCU’s account for the majority of working African Americans in the today’s workforce. Bennett College for Women and Spelman College produces more advanced degree African American women than other institutions of higher education. African Americans, we need not take the abuse our ancestors had to endure to see that we need not face this foolishness today. Remember, the crown has been paid for…Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities and attend them!!!

  4. As a recent Fall 2012 graduate of this university and as an African American I disagree with this claim of Racism. I go further to urge the alumni of siu to view all of the facts and challenge the students to perform a self Accountability check. I go further to say that these racist accusations are untrue and have not had any evidence to back it up. A lot of negative things that have been going on does not only fall on administration but we as students must come out and own up to the things that were self inflicted.

    • Thank you for your comment. The Administration at SIU-C has turned their backs on the African American student population. The students have been requesting (in writing, in person and by phone) a meeting with the Chancellor but have been ignored. The studdents have exhausted all chains of command and are left with the last option of speaking with the Chancellor. Some of the African American faculty have lashed out at the students for taking a stand and have made public statements that students have not followed protocol, which is not true. The same African American faculty member that made this statement was supportive of the students until her contract with the university was in jeopardy. Now that a new contract has been provided the faculty member (and a few others) have changed their position because of a gag order put in place by the Chancellor. The students’ efforts to report a host of other racist incidents have been interrupted by administrators and students have been threatened with job firings and eviction from university housing. The situation is sounding quite a bit like South Africa prior to the release of Nelson Mandela. I’m a African American alumnus and I am enraged with the treatment of the students and have begun the conversations to seek remedies for the students.

      • No offense but I’m not taking into account any alumni opinions because its exactly who you are, an alumni. Again not meant to offend but unless you live in Carbondale now you would not see what’s really happening on a daily basis. I am a recent 1 week ago graduate and current graduate student. I see things well enough to know that many African American students are pointing the finger. I’m not denying that some students have experienced true unadulterated racism, I don’t disagree with that. And as a current alumni I’m very offended that my fellow alumni members support this crap. Self Accountability should be stressed. I see a lot of black students not following the rules then want to cry racism when in fact its not.

        • I’m not denying some students have experienced racism…but to say that the entire race on campus has experienced true unadulterated racism, I disagree with that.

          • Mr. Chamberlain,
            Since you are still living in Carbondale as it seems, perhaps you attended the Human Rights Commission meeting that was held there and heard their concerns regarding the “macing” of students at a party earlier in the semester. Many of the students in attendance reported no fighting and the police could not justify their presence at the scene. One of the Non-Black students who attended the meeting and many of the student off-campus parties stated that she only sees the police outside of the “Black off-campus parties.” There are several other students who are living in Carbondale who disagree with your view on the matter. They have also voiced their concern. Did you happen see the confederate flags and hear the racial taunting on election day on campus or did you miss that as well?? These were not Black students with the flags either. There are issues that need to be addressed and soon.
            Some people do not want to see what is in front of them.

        • LOL…So funny! SIUC does not have RULES…This the funniest stuff I ever read in my life.
          Seriously, SIUC does not follow their own rules and lack morals.

  5. I attended SIUC. I had to make a complaint to Dept of Education. The administration at SIUC harassed me during the whole investigation. I don’t think SIUC is racist at all but pure EVIL!
    At first, I thought they were racist but now they all are just devils in disguise. I think all the minorities should stop spending their money at that university. I bet they’ll learn how to treat minorities then. I really do think its sad what goes on at that university. I never encountered the issues I had before at other universities.
    I am firm believer in everything done in the dark does come to light. Eventually SIUC will have to answer to their injustices.

    • Jude I agree that the behavior is truly evil but it is based in racism. Those folks who don’t seem to understand the degree of ignorance and racism on the campus of SIU really just don’t get it. The Chancellor has no idea as to what diversity is and keeps touting the diversity award received in 2012. Receiving the diversity award is NOT NEW. Please stop drinking the kool aid! SIU has received this award for the past 20+ years. The Chancellor and staff would make you believe this was the first time the award has been given, NOT!

      • I attended SIUC just because they have 75% white, 15% black, and 10% other does not mean they are diverse. I hate that school with a passion. I hope their enrollment is still down. I really think minorities should really stop spending their money there. I learned I spend my money at better places and not trashy ones.

        • You obviously had a very bad experience there and I can understand your anger toward SIU. My experience was different and therefore I hope to be able to encourage a change in the current (and apparently past) treatment of Black students. I do not want my tax dollars to support a university that engenders such negative feelings from students. I hope that there is the possibility of change because there is a legacy of progress at that university. Those of us who did experience the better part of the university must support the students and their effort to create change.

          • Thank you for understanding.

            SIUC is evil. I am sorry but I am going to let God do its work because they will have their justice sooner than later.

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