The Good News and Bad News on Sororities at the University of Alabama

the-university-of-alabamaThe Good News: One year after a major uproar when it was revealed that no African American women were offered bids to join sororities at the University of Alabama, the university reports that all 21 Black women who registered for sorority recruitment received a bid to join one of the Greek organizations and all 21 women accepted their invitations. All 16 sororities on campus offered bids to African American women and Black women accepted offers at 10 different sororities.

Deborah Lane, the associate vice president for university relations at the University of Alabama, said in a statement that “we have not reached our destination, but we will continue to move forward with resolve, energy, and enthusiasm. And, while numbers are not the only measure of success, they do indicate that we are making progress.”

The Bad News: The university has a long way to go. All told, there were 2,276 women who registered for sorority recruitment and 2,054 were accepted into membership. Thus, the 21 new Black sorority members make up just one percent of all new members. African Americans make up 13 percent of the undergraduate student body at the university.

Even Worse News: After the results of the bid process were announced, a member of the Chi Omega sorority posted a photograph online which showed three White women. The caption of the photo read, “Chi O got NO Niggers !!!!!” In reality the sorority asked two Black women to join the organization. The national organization of Chi Omega expelled the woman who posted the offensive photograph and caption.

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  1. My question is why do Black folks want to join those unwelcoming organizations when we have the presence of the Divine Nine at the University of Alabama? (Kappa Alpha Psi first and foremost!!)

    Consider increasing the membership and visibility of OUR organizations instead of trying to force your way into a place where you are not wanted. The Chi O just got caught. It is a certainty that other feel as she does.

    • Well my goodness! Would you have forced your way into the whites only lunch counters in the 1960s? I’m sure the colored folks in town had eating establishments, probably with tastier food. So why do you think 1960s era African Americans “forced” their way into schools, cafes, bus seats, theaters, etc where they definitely were not wanted? Instead of criticizing these students, I see them as very brave; their actions will result in African American girls being accepted into sororities at University of Alabama without anyone giving it another thought in a decade or so. THAT’S HOW CHANGE FOR THE GOOD COMES ABOUT! Somebody has to “force” the issue.

      • When you have been freed from under your oppressor it is not wise to go back and play in his/her clubhouse, particularly when you have your own that are serving your needs and your communities needs. Too often we believe that everyone else’s ice is colder then our ice. We need your talents, gifts and commitment in our communities. We no longer need to chase after and emulate what others have and are doing because, 10 out of 10 times ours is better, if you don’t believe me just like around today in our arts, education, sports, science etc. those that hate us are stealing from us and emulating us everyday. So when you speak of the sit in of the ‘Sixties’ as an example, understand that was about no longer being dehumanized and being made to except service that was inhumane. My sisters and brothers it is very important to not only know our history but also understand the reasons and motivation behind the actions that were taking place in our history because for real your oppressor won’t the TRUTH! All that I am writing is motivated by my love for my people and for all who desire to repent and turn from their evil ways.

        • What a foolish thing to say as a Pastor. The lord teaches us to be nice and decent to people who are different than us. We still have to coexist together as a society. If we cannot even break the chains of social interaction, then these White women in these sororites will one day be bosses or workers, and they have had not black women not trying to break barriers, been taught that its ok to discriminate against Black people. Black sororities do not discriminate against White membership. All sororities black or white are supposed to upstanding representatives of the community. Discrimination is not a representation of modern day America or progression.

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