Video Shows University of Oklahoma Students Singing Racist Song

oklahomaA video surfaced that reportedly showed members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma singing a racist song. The video showed fraternity members on what appears to be a bus. The song they were singing included the lines, “You can hang him from a tree, but he’ll never sign with me. There will never be a nigger at SAE.”

The fraternity’s national headquarters closed the University of Oklahoma chapter and university President David Boren promised a full investigation and called the behavior “reprehensible.”

A video of the incident appears below followed by President Boren’s full statement.

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  1. It’s really amazing how the pluralist and multicultural Blacks in America are disappointed, hurt, insulted, or even surprised of the linguistic filth and racist animist flowing so easily from a cabal of insecure White males from SAE. So now what, another series of “open dialogue about racism at the University of Oklahoma. The fact remains that no matter how much “diversity training” the University of Oklahoma implement campus, it will not eradicate (or even lessen) the White monocultural ideology that’s part of the core at the University of Oklahoma and the entire United States with various intensity(depending on where you’re situated).

    What’s even more bizarre is that members from SAE will flock to the Memorial Stadium(during football season) or the Lloyd Noble Center (during basketball season) screaming to the top of their lungs saying “Go Sooners” even though the teams are majority Black student athletes. Many would describe this type of behavior a cognitive dissonance.

    Final point, the SAE national headquarters propaganda wing (e.g., Public Affairs/Spokesman)will continue to use rhetoric, broad and ambiguous language, along with numerous press releases espousing how much their organization don’t “condone” this type of racist behavior to possibly avoid any litigation. Unfortunately, the reality is that America is still a racist country whose in denial and unwilling to rectify it historical and current wrong doings against Blacks, Native people, Latinos, and Asians. As a result, America will continue to have difficulty in reaching its true greatness.

  2. Everyone is acting shock as if this new chapter of this sorority/fraternty came up with the song all on their own. This song was mostly like a song all members had to learn while plegding to become a SAE. Now everyone is screaming racism and say how a shame they of the actions from this sorority/fraternity. UNARMED black men have been getting killed since I was a young girl (9) and I am now 37 and police are still killing unarmed black men. Only change I have seen they are letting crime watcher kill black men too (T-Martin R.I.P). We have a mix president who has been called every name in the book except for our Leader and President. In England you speak about the Queen as we do about our President and you do jail time. U.S is forgetting that mixing of the races started before slavery and all through slavery. So at the end of the day your skin might say your white but if you do some digging ( 2 or 3 generation back) you will find out that we all nigger or niggas. I like for the U.S to do away with color and just simply say I am American. Stop putting on all application, school information, dating websites. We always want to speak against racism but why are we checking boxes that say what race we are? just my thoughts

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