Ivory A. Toldson Named Director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs

Ivory-ToldsonIvory A. Toldson, was named director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He has been serving as acting director since the death of George Cooper in July. Dr. Toldson has served as deputy director of the office since 2013.

Prior to joining the staff at the White House, Dr. Toldson was an associate professor of education at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Earlier he taught at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Negro Education and the lead author of The Quest for Excellence: Supporting the Academic Success of Minority Males in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines (Association of Public Land Grant Universities, 2012).

Dr. Toldson is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he majored in psychology. He earned a master’s degree in counselor education at Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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  1. It appears to me that the White House Initiative on HBCUs is nothing more than a “paper tiger” organization along with the director’s position. In fact, I would even venture in saying that is solely created to neutralize HBCU administrators. The majority of HBCU Presidents/Chancellors are more concerned with rubbing elbows with so-called Black President Obama as compared making substantive demands from this perpetual condescending president(at least when he’s talking to even the most so-called educated Black people).

    We cannot forget POTUSs highly unqualified(only a BA is sociology) Secretary of Education (Arne Duncan) whose as equally insulting (read his recent transcript while at the HBCU week to further understand my point), dismissive when he’s discussing HBCUs. For example, the amateurish Secretary of Education informed HBCU administrators during HBCU week 2015 that he was recommend which would direct $1 billion to HBCUs” over the span of ten years. Just pause for a moment, with the approximately 103-104 HBCUs, that a meager $1, 000,000 per HBCU which I find insulting at best. Unfortunately, one could very easily see numerous HBCU administrators “bucking dancing” along with appearing very “Al Jolson” like.

    Finally Dr. Toldson, I would like to know if you will have any budgetary authority along with being situated more closely to the White House. Also, will you intellectually fight in the best interest of HBCUs as compared to simply maintaining the higher education status quo similarly as previous directors.

    • I wish people would understand something – Black people for the most part will make excuse after excuse for this administration. This administration has already given into the belief that HBCUs are dead. Why waste your time and money? Pres. Obama could care less about the survival of HBCUs. Also since Black folks tend to always vote for Democrats, he know he does not have to give us anything. We will always be there for them.

      Once black folks start to vote with their interests in mind IN LOCAL ELECTIONS then we may can put people in office they will attend to our needs.

      • Who would you suggest that black people vote for at this critical time, if their only other option is a bunch of bigots who tell us everyday that they are not concerned about their constituents or this country?. They want to take away Obamacare with no replacement; control women’s bodies; cut food stamps, medicaid,, medicare, social security EPA, and education.. Right now, the only option is to vote for Democrats. The republicans are like lemmings, they follow their leader thoughtlessly, on the local, state and national levels.

    • Congratulations Dr. Toldson: Those of us active in successful projects and programs that serve the underserved students in our nation, I deeply appreciate your appointment. Knowing your commitment, background and work, as well as being aware of the outreach to students and parents from HBCUs, of their supportive programs and their daunting challenges, I encourage all to continue or to get involved with those families and educators who work together toward sustained quality for all.

  2. See…..this is what we do best as African Americans. We will degrade each other….Pull each other down….Step on each other at the mention of rising higher….with NO recommendation of how we could bring about better change. These comments are typical of how we PULL each other down. And then we wonder why our young people are so cynical and lack direction. Their parents and other people who should be their mentors can’t get their own lives together and stay strong and move forward. As my grandmother would if you can’t say anything nice about someone….keep your mouth SHUT!!!

  3. Re: Audrey, Elizabeth, & Stanley;

    In my view, you are sadly mistaken about individuals who critically challenge all of these so-called Blacks in high places accountable. You need to realize that “no one” is above being questioned regardless of their lofty title or position. For the collective Black community to blindly support the disrespectful Democratic and Republican party only indicates their lack of understanding about politics. Stanley, if these so-called educated

    Blacks would make decisions in the best interest of the Black community, our Black youth mindset would totally different. For example, the majority of these so-called Blacks who work at HBCUs don’t even send their own children to these institutions(why?).
    In fact, I would be really surprised if Audrey, Elizabeth, & Stanley live in a Black community. Believe it or not, multiculturalism will not solve the Black community problems. For those who dissent, show me where the multicultural own shops are in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, or Philadelphia?

    The fact remains, entirely too many of these so-called educated (degrees don’t mean you’re educated and only trainable), neoliberal and politically correct Blacks are more concerned about a continuation of having Blacks in ‘high places’ as compared making substantive demands. Last point, no one was questioning Dr. Toldson’s qualification, but, merely asking him questions about accountability.

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