New Survey Finds Racial Differences in Outlooks as a Result of the Pandemic

Data science firm Civis Analytics recently released new findings from its COVID-19 Impact Research, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This ongoing survey research studies the social, economic, and educational impacts of COVID-19 in America. Some of the data is broken down by racial and ethnic group.

The survey, conducted in early May, found that:

* 32 percent of employed White Americans think it is likely that they will lose their job in the next three months, compared to 45 percent of employed Black Americans.

* 43 percent of White parents of high school students report that their children’s plans for higher education have changed due to the pandemic, compared to 59 percent of Black parents.

* 92 percent of parents report that their children have a dedicated device for at-home educational activities. But only 72 percent of parents with a household income less than $50,000 report that their children have access to a laptop or desktop computer for learning.


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