The Year in Review: Notable Research on African Americans in Higher Education in 2020

Over the course of 2020, JBHE has published a large number of posts highlighting research on African Americans in higher education. In case readers missed some of these posts, here are links to some of the items published over the past year that related to research on African Americans in higher education.

The Diminishing Returns of a College Education on Wealth Generation for African Americans

A College Education Continues to Pay Economic Dividends to Black Graduates

African Americans and the Mountain of Graduate Student Loan Debt

Report Examines Recruitment and Retention of Black Students in Physics and Astronomy

Income-Based Affirmative Action Is Not a Good Substitute for Race-Sensitive Admissions

White Supremacists Are Increasingly Targeting College Campuses to Spread Their Propaganda

How the Aging of American Faculty Will Affect Racial Diversity in Academia

Survey Finds Persisting Mistreatment of African American Medical School Students

Brookings Institution Study Shows Majority Black Colleges Boost Social and Economic Mobility

Active Learning Improves Academic Performance of Black Students in Undergraduate STEM Courses

The Long-Term Impact of State Affirmative Action Bans on Black Enrollments in Higher Education

Race Is the Most Frequent Motivation for Hate Crimes on College Campuses

A Brief Intervention on Belonging for Blacks Entering College Can Have Lifetime Benefits

A Snapshot of Enrollments at the Nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Several Private HBCUs Have the Highest Average Student Loan Debt in the Nation

How the Racial Digital Divide Impacts Online Education During the Pandemic

Do College Graduates Think Their Alma Maters Adequately Investigate Discrimination?

New Report Documents Decreasing College Opportunities for Low-Income Americans

Some Progress Is Being Made in Racial Diversity in College Sports Administration

Grant Proposals Made by Black Researchers to the NIH Receive Lower Initial Evaluations From Peers

Urban Institute Report Finds Persisting Underrepresentation of Blacks at Selective Colleges

Stanford Scholar Finds a Huge Shortfall in Black Authors and Editors in Psychological Research

Study Finds Few References to Black Biologists in Leading Textbooks in the Field

New Federal Reserve Bank of New York Study Examines Student Debt by Race

How a Death in the Family Impacts Black Students’ Path to Higher Education

College Students’ Negative Stereotypes About Black Men Persist Based on What They’re Wearing

Persisting Racial Shortfall in Black Students at Selective State Colleges and Universities

UNCF Survey Shows How COVID-19 Impacts Students at Private HBCUs

What Happens to African American College Graduates After They Get Their Degree?

Study Finds That Neighborhoods Around North Carolina’s HBCUs Are Healthy Food Deserts

New Department of Education Report Examines Racial Differences in Financing Higher Education

New Report Shows How HBCUs Can Achieve Greater Student Success

Why Are African Americans So Underrepresented on Business School Faculties?

Blacks Are Underrepresented in Georgia’s Merit-Based College Scholarship Programs

Research Shows How College Libraries Can Better Serve Black Students

Report Finds that “It’s Time to Worry About College Enrollment Declines Among Blacks”

Tracking Racial and Ethnic Enrollments in Higher Education During the Pandemic

Blacks’ Greater Exposure to Excessive Heat May Impact the Racial Educational Gap

How Student Loan Debt Is Perpetuating the Racial Wealth Gap

A Snapshot of Pre-Pandemic Black Enrollments in U.S. Graduate Schools

The Stubborn Racial Gap in Scores on the SAT College Entrance Examination

The Racial Poverty Gap and Its Impact on Higher Education

Can Attending an HBCU Improve Your Chances for a Healthy Life?

The Nationwide Racial Gap in College Graduation Rates

Some Progress in Increasing Black Faculty in Accounting But There Is a Long Way to Go

Racial Microaggressions May Be Pushing Black Students Out of STEM Disciplines

African Americans Making Slow but Steady Progress in Doctoral Degree Awards

Positive Identity Reinforcement at School Improves Black Students Academic Performance

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