Johns Silvanus Wilson Jr. Chosen to Lead the Millennium Leadership Initiative

Johns Silvanus Wilson Jr. was appointed executive director of the Millennium Leadership Initiative at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. The initiative is a leadership development program that provides individuals traditionally underrepresented in the highest ranks of higher education the opportunity to develop skills, gain a philosophical overview, and build the network needed to advance to top-level executive positions in higher education.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Wilson has joined AASCU,” said AASCU president Mildred García. “His broad experience in higher education administration, as well as his expertise advocating on behalf of historically Black colleges and universities, makes him an excellent fit for this role.”

Dr. Wilson brings 35 years of experience in higher education to the position – most recently as visiting scholar at Harvard Business School. He also served as senior advisor and strategist to the president of Harvard University and was president-in-residence for Harvard’s School of Education. He has held administrative roles at George Washington University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2009 to 2013, Dr. Wilson was executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Wilson is a graduate of Morehouse College. He holds a master’s degree in theology from Harvard Divinity School and a master’s degree and s doctorate in administration, planning, and social policy from Harvard University.

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  1. It appears John S. Wilson securing another “do nothing” position (e.g., Exec. Dir. of the Millennium Leadership Initiative at the AASCU)for someone who failed miserably while serving as the director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs under the spineless, neoliberal, corporatist, and anti-HBCU Barack Obama. Give me a break. Once again, HBCUs will not benefit while “Johnny Boy” is in this position.

    • To the hater who dissed Dr. Wilson, I say do you really know the man. He is a good guy. Nor are your comments about President Obama correct. You sound like a neoconservative anti-Black Trumper. There is much more I could say to defend my comments but I have a feeling I would be wasting my time.

      • What do we have here but another so-called Black country bumpkin from Alabama. It appears to me that you’re nothing more than an ecclesiastical exploiter of people who self-identifies as a “reverend” [lower case ‘r’ intentional]. It’s quite evident you’re a chronologically OLDER and certainly not an ELDER with your dimwitted, feebleminded, neoliberal, and status quo comment. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY.

        Further, you’re definitely are politically ignorant for you blind support of the “No Good” Obama who did nothing but enrich the corporations along with empowering ever other group except native born Black Americans. Case in point, you need to reexamine the overall conditionality and life outcomes of Blacks in Alabama and let alone the HBCUs in Alabama. By the way Belvie, what Third World African or Caribbean country do you hail from?

        Finally, I qualitatively and quantitatively challenge you to provide verified evidence of domestic policies from the “No Good” Obama Administration that SPECIFICALLY (you do know what that mean right!) benefitted the Native born Black Americans from Alabama. I rest my case, reverend [lowercase ‘r’ intentional]!

        P.S. You have a DMin degree all the while failing to significantly and directly change the lives for your own Black people in Alabama. I just bet you probably hold membership to one of those status quo, politically correct, colorism practicing so-called Black groups from the BGLOs, Boule, and especially PHFAM. What a pity Belvie! I know your type buddy.

    • Hey “Frankie Boy”,

      You’re in no position to say who has credibility because of your infantile and meaningless comment. Based upon your last name, I must ask you what Confederate State or Third World African/Caribbean country you hail from? I think you have consumed entirely too much jollof rice, collard greens, and fried/jerk chicken which have stunted your intellectual development on numerous levels.

      You need to recognize “Frankie boy” simply because a person have a perspective different than you own doesn’t imply one is a “hater” (Brice, 2021). Time to “cast your buckets where you are” ( Washington, 1895). Comprende!

  2. Congratulations to/for Dr. Johns Silvanus Wilson Jr., in being chhosen to Lead the Millennium Leadership Initiative. A man that I know well from a varierty developmental life maturing experiences. HBCU watch, thank you for your article, however, you failed to include that Dr. Wilson, was also President of The Morehosue College. I was raised under a generational and Spiritual influence that taught me that if I cant say something good about something/someone, I shouldnt say anything at all! I am disappointed in the many negative, seemingly undgrounded personal attacks in this comment thread, speakinfg against Drt. Wilson, from persons, that obviously dont know the MAn or anything about him. John Wilson is a good man, intelligient, critically thinking, God fearing, family man, who is still coming into the gifts God has given him. This is powerul leadership opportunity and poition, with the potential to make great strides in lelveling the playing field and allowing capable and qualified Blacks to take their rightful seats at the tables where policy and decisions are made that can greatly help or hinder, current and future generations of Black folk! Again, CONGRTULATIONS Brother Wilson, “achievement” in every filed of endeavour. Proud to see God continuing to complete the good work He began in your life! YO!

    • Hey “Johnny boy”

      You need to definitely work on your reading and writing skills. You dimwitted comment is peppered with errors which clearly shows your incompetence as a “Older” person. In fact, your comment is akin to one of those more seasoned (older) so-called Black Americans who was reared in one of those Confederate States. As such, you still have colonial plantation mentality even in 2021. How sad is that “Johnny boy”?

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