New Education Department Data on Black Enrollments in Higher Education

The data shows that there were 2,514,568 Black or African American students enrolled in Title IV institutions in the fall of 2016. They made up 12.4 percent of all students enrolled in higher education. Blacks made up 11 percent of all students enrolled in graduate education.

An Increase in Black Transfer Applicants to the University of California System

Each year, there is a large group of students who earned associate's degree's at California community colleges who seek to transfer to four-year bachelor's degree programs at one of the University of California campuses. This year, Black transfer applicants are up by more than 9 percent.

Harvard Accepts a Large Group of Black Students in Its Early Action Process

African Americans make up 13.9 percent of all students admitted in its nonbinding early action process. This is up from 12.6 percent a year ago.

University of Louisville Publishes a Diversity Report

The report outlines progress that has been made in enrolling African Americans and students from other underrepresented groups and sets goals for increasing diversity in the future. Data is also provided on faculty and staff diversity.

An Increase in the Number of Black Applicants to the University of California

The number of African Americans from California applying to the nine undergraduate campuses is up 6.2 percent from a year ago. The number of Black applicants from California is up at all nine undergraduate campuses this year.

A Checkup on African American Students Entering U.S. Medical Schools

This year 21,338 students entered medical school for the first time. Of these, 1,775 identified themselves as Black or African American. Thus, Blacks made up 8.3 percent of new entrants to U.S. medical schools.

University of Virginia Is Making Progress in Increasing Black Students

Since 2012, the number of Black students in the entering class at the University of Virginia is up 41.5 percent. In 2012, Blacks and biracial students with African American heritage made up 7.1 percent of the first-year students. this year the figure is 9.1 percent.

Two HBCUs Post Record Numbers for Final Enrollment Figures

At Alcorn State University in Mississippi, enrollments of first-year students are up 39 percent, reaching an all-time record. For the sixth time in the past eight years, Delaware State University has broken enrollment records. There are 4,648 students on campus this fall.

A Snapshot of African American Enrollments in Private Schools

During the 2015-16 academic year, there were 34,576 private schools operating in the United States. They enrolled 4.9 million students. Of these 9.3 percent were African Americans.

Racial Disparities in College Enrollment and Retention in Los Angeles

A new study examines college enrollment and retention rates of graduates of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The data shows a high level of participation in college but low levels of successful completion.

Education Department Releases Racial Data on First-Generation College Students

White Americans were 49 percent of first-generation college students but 70 percent of the college students who had at least one parent who had enrolled in college. Blacks were 14 percent of all first-generation students but 11 percent of continuing generation students.

Examining the Data on Black Enrollments in U.S. Graduate Schools

According to a new report by the Council on Graduate Schools, in 2016, there were 184,235 Black students enrolled in graduate programs in the United States. They made up 10 percent of total enrollments. Women made up nearly 70 percent of all Black enrollments in graduate education.

Record First-Year Enrollments at Tennessee State University in Nashville

There are more than 1,500 students in this fall's entering class. This is the largest first-year class in the university's history and 17 percent more entering students than was the case a year ago. Increased enrollments have prompted a plan to build a new $75 million residential complex on campus.

African American Quadruplets Enroll at Yale University

After fielding offers from a wide range of top colleges and universities, the Wade quadruplets of Liberty Township, Ohio, are all members of the Class of 2021 at Yale University.

HBCUs Report Impressive Enrollment Gains

Alcorn State University in Mississippi reports that the first-year class is the largest in university history. There are 740 entering students this year, an increase of 38 percent from a year ago. Several other HBCUs have also reported impressive gains.

Indiana University Reports Encouraging Enrollment Numbers for African Americans

At the flagship campus at Bloomington, there are 1,907 African American students, a record number for this campus. Systemwide, there are 7,646 African Americans enrolled.

Three HBCUs Report Record Enrollment Numbers

Prairie View A&M University in Texas, Claflin University in South Carolina, and Meharry Medical College in Nashville are all reporting record enrollment numbers for entering students.

Study Finds Black Students More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than Was the Case in...

The study found that in 2015, Blacks made up 6 percent of the entering students at the top schools but 15 percent of all college-age Americans, a gap of 9 percentage points. In 1980 the gap was only 7 percentage points.

Ranking Top Colleges by the Net Price Paid by Low and Middle-Income Students

The New York Times recently published its list of the Top Colleges Doing the Most for the American Dream. The rankings are based on the percentage of undergraduate students who receive federal Pell Grants as well as the net price students must pay to attend these institutions.

Education Department Report Documents Educational Inequality in the United States

The report contains data on African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, American Indians and other ethnic groups. There are detailed tables on enrollments, educational achievement, retention, student behavior, degree attainments, and outcomes of education.

Black Students Make Up 5 Percent of All 2017 First-Year Admits at the University...

There was some backtracking at the most prestigious campuses. At the flagship University of California, Berkeley campus, the number of Black admits dropped from 401 to 375. At the University of California, Los Angeles, Black admits dropped from 624 to 571.

Georgia Southern University Honors Its First African American Students

In January 1965, John Bradley became the first African American student at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Six other Black students entered the university in the fall of 1965. Catherine Davis, a sophomore transfer student, was the first African American student to be awarded a degree.

Black Students and Faculty at North American Theological Schools

Blacks make up 12.6 percent of all students at the 270 member institutions of the Association of Theological Schools. But Blacks are only 7.7 percent of the faculties at these schools.

Black Students Accepted for Admission at High-Ranking Colleges and Universities

Recently, the nation’s highest-ranked colleges and universities informed applicants if they had been accepted for admission into the Class of 2021. Some of the nation’s most selective institutions provided acceptance data broken down by racial and ethnic groups.

Blacks Make Up a Disproportionate Share of Enrollments at For-Profit Postsecondary Schools

At two-year colleges and schools, Blacks are 16 percent of all students at two-year, state-operated community colleges. But Africans Americans are 22 percent of all students at two-year, for-profit colleges.

Yale Students Enlisted to Help Guide Low-Income Students Through the College Application Process

Yale University is expanding its partnership with Matriculate, a nonprofit organization that uses students at high-ranking universities to provide online college advising services to high school students from low-income families.

New Data on African American Enrollments in Higher Education

A new report from the U.S. Department of Education reports that there were 20,389,307 students enrolled in degree granting institutions in the fall of 2015. Of these, 2,606,038 were African Americans.

UCLA Report Examines Racial Segregation of Schools in the Nation’s Capital

From 1992 to 2013, the percentage of students in the public schools in Washington who were Black declined from 89 percent to 73 percent. But more than 88 percent of Black students in the District attend schools where at least 90 percent of all students are Black.

Clark Atlanta University Doubles Its Number of International Students

During the Fall 2014 semester Clark Atlanta University enrolled only 167 international students. Within two years that number has more than doubled. Some 87 percent of all foreign students at the university are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An Increase in the Number of Black Applicants to the University of California

The number of African Americans from California applying to the nine undergraduate campuses is up 4.8 percent from a year ago and up more than 10 percent from two years ago. The number of Black applicants from California is up at all nine undergraduate campuses this year.

Harvard University Reports a Significant Increase in Black Students Accepted Early

Among the 938 students who were accepted in the early action process this year at Harvard University, 12.6 percent are African Americans. This is up from 9.5 percent a year ago.

Elite Colleges and Universities Mount Effort to Boost Enrollments of Low-Income Students

The American Talent Initiative, funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies, hopes to expand to 270 educational institutions nationwide. It has set a goal of enrolling and graduating 50,000 students from low-income families by 2025.

University of Kansas Aims to Increase Diversity in Its Undergraduate Business Degree Programs

The Summer Venture in Business Program is a three-day, pre-college summer program that will familiarize potential business students from underrepresented groups with college academic and social life.

Two Top-Rated Liberal Arts College Report Large Number of Black Early Applicants

Of the 257 student accepted for early admission at Williams College, 27 self-identify as African American. Thus, African Americans are 10.5 percent of all early admits at Williams this year. At Wesleyan University, there was a whopping 56 percent increase in African American early applicants.

The Progress of the Ivy League in Admitting Black Students

A decade ago, there were 1,110 Black students in the entering classes at the eight Ivy League schools. In 2016, there are 1,503, a 35 percent increase. Four of the eight Ivy League schools have an entering class that is more than 11 percent Black. A decade ago, the leader stood at 9.6 percent.

Black Enrollments in Higher Education Continue to Decline

Over the past two years, African American enrollments in higher education have decreased by more than 270,000, or 6.6 percent. The Black percentage of total enrollments has dropped from 14.4 percent to 13.9 percent over the past two years.

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