Elizabeth City State University Shows Significant Enrollment Increases

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities are struggling to maintain enrollments at levels that existed a year or two ago. But Elizabeth City State University, a historically Black educational institution in North Carolina is bucking the trend.

Report Finds De Facto Racial Segregation in Virginia’s Public Universities

At the University of Virginia, just 13 percent of undergraduates identified as Black or Hispanic; that share is 60 percent lower than the state’s population ages 18 to 24. The College of William & Mary and Christopher Newport University are near large Black population centers but each of their student bodies is just 7 percent Black.

A Snapshot of African American Enrollments in Private K-12 Schools in the United States

Of the more than 4.6 million students enrolled in private schools in the United States in 2019, 9.4 percent were Black or African American. Blacks made up a greater percentage of students in smaller private schools and in private schools in urban areas.

African Americans Are Making Progress in Medical School Enrollments

In 2022, there were 9,630 African Americans enrolled at U.S. medical schools. They made up 10 percent of total enrollments. In 2015, Blacks were 7.2 percent of total enrollments. Since 2015, the number of Blacks enrolled in U.S. medical schools is up by nearly 54 percent.

Black Enrollments in Post-Pandemic Higher Education

In October 2021, there were 2,717.000 African Americans enrolled in higher education. They made up 15.7 percent of all enrollments in higher education. Black women made up 65 percent of all African American enrollments in higher education.

Black First-Year Students at the Nation’s Leading Liberal Arts Colleges

For the first time in the 30-year history of the JBHE surveys, a college has enrolled a first-year class that is more than one-fifth Black. There are 96 Black students in this year's entering class at Amherst College. They make up 20.6 percent of the total.

Black In-State Applicants to the University of California System Are Down Slightly

Systemwide 132,226 students from California applied to at least one of the nine undergraduate campuses. Of these, 8,519 students were African Americans, making up 6 percent of all applicants. The total number of applicants to the university system was down slightly from a year ago. That year Blacks were 7 percent of all applicants.

A Check-Up on Black Progress in Dental School Enrollments

The data shows that the number of Black applicants to U.S. dental schools has declined by 7.5 percent over the past four years. In 2014, Blacks were 4.3 percent of all new students enrolling in U.S. dental schools. This is down slightly from recent years.

Record Number of Black Admits at the University of Southern California

The university reports that 13 percent of all students offered admission, identify as Black, a record for the university. In the fall of 2020, only 8.6 percent of the entering class was Black.

The Small Racial Gap in College Aspirations

A new survey by YouthTruth looks at the college plans of the high school class of 2023. They found very little difference in the college aspirations of Black and White high school seniors. But aspirations and reality do not always meet. Also, the report found that In 2019, 79 percent of Black high school graduates said they wanted to go to college. This year, the figure has dropped to 74 percent.

A Snapshot of African American School Enrollment in the United States

African Americans made up a larger percentage of college and graduate students than was the case at all other lower grades of education. But from 2011 to 2021, the number of Black students enrolled in higher education dropped from 3,531.000 to 2,882,000.

No Progress in Black Students Admitted to the University of California System

System-wide, 4,855 Black students were admitted to at least one of the nine undergraduate campuses. This was the exact same number as a year ago. But overall, an additional 3,017 students were admitted compared to 2022. As a result, the Black percentage of all admitted students dropped from 6 percent to 5 percent.

University of South Carolina to Admit Top 10 Percent of Every High School Graduating...

All South Carolina students who are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class will be guaranteed admission to the University of South Carolina’s Columbia campus starting with the Fall 2024 application cycle. A similar plan was instituted in Texas in 1997 and had little impact on racial diversity.

HBCUs Report Impressive Gains in Enrollments

With the recent Supreme Court decision banning race-sensitive admissions in higher education, it was expected that many Black students would turn their attention to historically Black colleges and universities. Indeed, some HBCUs have seen impressive growth.

Black Enrollments in Graduate Education Show a Significant Decrease

Between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022, first-time graduate enrollment decreased by 7.8 percent among Black/African American students. Only 4.5 percent of U.S. citizens and permanent resident students enrolled for the first time in physical and earth sciences were Black. Blacks were 5.7 percent of first-time graduate students in engineering.

After a Sharp Drop During the Pandemic, Young Black Students Return to School

In 2020, 40.9 of non-Hispanic Black children ages 3 and 4 were enrolled in school compared to 61.7 percent in 2022. Non-Hispanic Black children ages 3 and 4 were more likely to be enrolled in school in 2022 than similarly aged children in any other major racial or ethnic group.

Enrollments Are Up in Higher Education With Black Increases Outpacing Those of Whites

For African Americans, more than 1.6 million students were enrolled as undergraduates in the fall of 2023, up 0.7 percent from the previous year. White enrollments were down by 2 percent from the fall of 2022. Black enrollments in graduate schools also increased, while White enrollments declined.

Howard University Receives Record-Breaking 36,000 Applicants for Class of 2028

The class of 2028 applicant pool at Howard University increased by 4,000 applications compared to last year's class of 2027. This year, the university's acceptance rate was roughly 31 percent, down five percentage points from last year.

Predominantly Black Martin University Lays Off Faculty, Staff

Martin University in Indianapolis experienced an unexpected drop in enrollments this fall. The school had expected 700 students to enroll for classes but only 522 actually did so. This produced a $600,000 budget shortfall.

A Check-Up of Black Progress in U.S. Medical Schools

Applications and first-year enrollments of blacks are both up from a year ago.

At West Virginia University, Black Enrollments Exceed Parity With the Black Percentage of the...

Black enrollments are up 7.7 percent this year compared to an overall increase of just over one percent.

New Center for Inclusive Excellence Established at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

African Americans make up 35 percent of the first-year class at the university.

A Big Jump in the Black Student Acceptance Rate at Oxford

Yet only 1.3 percent of all students accepted for admission are Black.

A Check-Up on Black First-Year Medical Students

Brown University, Florida State University, and Florida Atlantic University reveal the racial make-up of their entering medical school classes.

Record African American Enrollments at the University of Kentucky

In a state where Blacks are 8 percent of the population, African Americans make up 11 percent of this year's entering class.

Black First-Year Students at the Nation’s Leading Liberal Arts Colleges

Wesleyan University leads our rankings with 85 Black freshmen at the college this year (11.3 percent of the entering class).

Black First-Year Students at the Nation’s Leading Research Universities

For the sixth year in a row, Columbia University in New York City has the highest percentage of Black first-year students among the 30 highest-ranking universities in the nation.

A Check-Up on Black Enrollments and Graduates of U.S. Medical Schools

While the number of African American enrollments in U.S. medical schools increased by nearly 8 percent over the past decade, the Black percentage of all medical school enrollments has decreased.

Proposal Would Allow North Carolina HBCUs to Admit More Out-of-State Students

The five state-operated HBCUs in North Carolina are permitted to enroll no more than 18 percent of new first-year students from outside the state. The new proposal would allow these schools to enroll up to 30 percent of their new students from outside North Carolina.

Record Black First-Year Enrollments at the University of Kentucky

There are 555 African American first-year students on campus this fall. Blacks make up 11.8 percent of the entering class. This percentage is particularly impressive given the fact that Blacks are just 8 percent of the state's population.

A Check-Up on the Racial Gap in Medical School Applications and Enrollments

In 2015, the number of Black applicants to U.S. medical schools was up a whopping 16.8 percent from 2014. Blacks were 7.6 percent of all medical school matriculants in 2015. This was up from 6.9 percent in 2014.

How the Ban on Race-Sensitive Admissions Impacts Black Enrollments at the University of Michigan

In order for racial parity to prevail in Michigan, the number of Black students in the entering class at the University of Michigan would have to nearly triple.

A Check-Up of Blacks in Medical Schools

New data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges shows that in 2013 Blacks or African Americans were 8 percent of all applicants to U.S. medical schools and 7 percent of all first-time enrollees.

New Program Will Help Teens From Low-Income Families Prepare for College

Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania, has established a four-year program of tutoring, coaching, and mentoring to help hundreds of low-income teens prepare for college. Some will receive full scholarships to Alvernia.

Blacks Fare Better in Transfer Enrollments at Berkeley

The Black percentage of transfer students is significantly higher than the percentage of Blacks in the first-year class at Berkeley.

The Racial Makeup of the Entering Class at the University of Washington

There are 181 African American in the entering class at the University of Washington. They make up 2.9 percent of the entering students. Blacks are 3.6 percent of population in the state of Washington.

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