Texas A&M Reports Black Enrollment Data

This year, for the first time, there are more than 50,000 students on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station. Among these students are 1,723 African Americans, an increase of nine black students from a year ago.

Sharp Increase in Graduate Students at HBCU in North Carolina

A $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education provides scholarships for up to 50 graduate students in biology and mathematics.

Three African-American Siblings, All of Different Ages, Are Spending Their First Semester as Students...

They all are graduates of Ithaca High School and were raised by their maternal grandmother.

University of Wisconsin Defends Its Admissions Program

In 2008, the University of Wisconsin at Madison admitted 71.8 percent of black applicants and 59.3 percent of white applicants.

Three Flagship State Universities Report Black Enrollment Data

A healthy rise in black first-year students at the University of Illinois and the University of Arkansas, but a small drop in total black enrollments at Indiana University.

The Gender Gap in African-American Graduate School Enrollments

The Council of Graduate Schools has released new data on enrollments for the 2010-11 academic year. That year, there were 1,476,674 American citizens or...

Blacks Make Up a Large Share of College Students With Military Service Credentials

Veterans and active duty or reserve military personnel make up 4 percent of all students in higher education.

Black Enrollments in Higher Education Expected to Continue to Grow

By 2020, the official estimate is that there will be 3.6 million African Americans enrolled in higher education.

University of Florida Seeks to Increase Racial Diversity in Its Doctoral Programs

The HBCU-UF Master's to Ph.D. Pathway Project targets high performing master's degree students at historically black colleges and universities.

A Check-Up of Black Progress in U.S. Medical Schools

Applications and first-year enrollments of blacks are both up from a year ago.

Penn State Showing Progress in Black Enrollments

Blacks make up 6 percent of all students at Penn State. A decade ago the figure was 4.4 percent.

University of Michigan Releases Black Enrollment Data

Official counts of black students have declined but the numbers may be a bit deceiving.

A Surge in Black Applicants in New Non-Binding Early Action Admissions Programs

Both the University of Virginia and Harvard University report large increases in black early applicants from four years ago.

At West Virginia University, Black Enrollments Exceed Parity With the Black Percentage of the...

Black enrollments are up 7.7 percent this year compared to an overall increase of just over one percent.

Stanford Struggles to Increase the Number of African American Graduate Students

The percentage of Blacks in the Class of 2015 at Stanford is triple the percentage of African Americans in the university's graduate schools.

Graduate School of the University of Washington Seeking to Boost Minority Enrollments

Less than 10 percent of the graduate students are minorities while minorities make up 24 percent of the state's population.

Students From Black Africa at U.S. Colleges and Universities

In 2011 there were 36,690 Africans studying in the United States. They made up 5.1 percent of all foreign students in the U.S., down from 6.1 percent four years ago.

New Center for Inclusive Excellence Established at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

African Americans make up 35 percent of the first-year class at the university.

University of Delaware Mounts Effort to Increase Racial Diversity

Blacks are just 5 percent of the undergraduate student body and 4 percent of the faculty but 21 percent of the state's population.

Wayne State University Considering Tougher Admission Standards

Only 10 percent of the Black students who enrolled at Wayne State in 2004, earned a bachelor's degree at the university by 2010.

Almost No Progress in Increasing Black Enrollments at Berkeley

The number of Black first-year students increased slightly, but the Black percentage of the entering class is smaller than in 2010.

Nineteen African Americans Admitted Early to Williams College

They make up 8 percent of all students accepted under the college's early decision plan.

A Big Jump in the Black Student Acceptance Rate at Oxford

Yet only 1.3 percent of all students accepted for admission are Black.

Scholar Asserts That Low Levels of Education Funding Are Causing an African Brain Drain

Maxwell M. Mkwezalamba, director of economic affairs for the African Union Commission, states that prompt action is necessary to stem the tide.

Proposed Legislation Would Require D.C. High School Students to Take the SAT or ACT

They would also have to fill out an application to a college or trade school in order to graduate from high school.

The College Enrollment Rates of the Children of Native-Born and Immigrant Black Families

Children in Black families who immigrated to the United States are more likely to enroll in selective colleges than the children of White and native-born Black families.

A Surge of Black Applicants at the University of California

The 5,692 Black applicants represent a 17.5 percent increase from a year ago.

Middlebury College Adds a Second Posse of Low-Income Students

Since 1998 Middlebury College in Vermont has been admitting and offering full-tuition scholarships to a posse of students from New York City high schools. The college is now adding a second posse from Chicago public schools.

Improving the Black Student Graduation Rate at the University of Arkansas

More than 300 first-generation college students at the University of Arkansas are enrolled in a program where they receive academic, personal, career, and financial advice.

Purdue Reports a Shrinking Racial Gap in Retention Rates

In the past five years the racial gap has shrunk from 11 percentage points to almost nothing.

New Princeton University Committee Aims to Identify Ways to Enhance Diversity

The committee will develop recommendations for strategies to attract people of color and women to positions in which they have historically been underrepresented.

Kentucky Community Colleges Going to Church to Recruit Minority Students

On February 12, pastors will discuss the importance of higher education and information will be available to church members about the 16 colleges that make up the system.

The University of Phoenix Is a Pillar of African American Higher Education

Blacks make up 17.7 percent of undergraduate students, 22 percent of graduate students, and 18.6 percent of the faculty.

Cornell University Outlines a New Agenda on Diversity

President David Skorton is mounting a concerted effort to increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty and to create better opportunities for veterans and the disabled.

A Wide Range of Black Enrollments at CalState University Campuses

There are more than 21,000 African American students enrolled at the 23 campuses of California State University. They make up 5 percent of the total enrollments.

Where Do College Students Stand on the Issue of Affirmative Action?

With the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a case on the race-sensitive admissions program at the University of Texas, it appears that there is a wide variety of opinions on the subject among college students.

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