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Will College-Age Blacks Vote in 2012?

There was a huge jump in voter participation by young Blacks in 2008. Will the same enthusiasm prevail in 2012?

Shayne Evans to Receive the Diversity Leadership Award From the University of Chicago

He will be honored on January 12 as part of the university's Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration.

Rutgers University Study Finds Racial Differences in the Treatment of Depression

Economics and cultural stigma may be contributing factors.

In Smoking, the Racial Gap Strongly Favors Blacks

A University of Michigan study finds that Whites are twice as likely as Blacks to smoke cigarettes.

Examining the Residential Segregation of Multiracial Americans

Sociologist Pamela Bennett of Johns Hopkins University has examined the residential patterns of people who marked off two racial categories on their census form.

Pamela Prescod-Caesar Named Vice President at Swarthmore College

She will direct the college's human resources department.

Curtis Reynolds Earns Promotion at the University of Florida

He was promoted to vice president for business affairs.

Racial Differences in Decline of Physical Activity Among Young Girls

University of Pittsburgh study finds that a decline in physical activity is more pronounced for African American adolescent girls.

A New Fundraising Guide for HBCUs

The book is authored by Marybeth Gasman of the University of Pennsylvania and Nelson Bowman III of Prairie View A&M University.

New Duties for Three African-American Scholars

Gayle B. Ward, Arnold Stancell, and Carroll Robinson are taking on added responsibilities.

University of Nevada Sociologist Seeks to Foster Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

His solution is to provide widespread microfinance grants to local entrepreneurs in order to avoid governmental corruption and mismanagement.

Football Coach at the University of Virginia Donates $50,000 to Financial Aid Program

Head football coach Mike London makes a significant contribution to the AccessUVa financial aid program.

Delaware State University Redefines Its Mission

The historically Black university thought it was time to update its mission statement to reflect its expanded programs.

Kentucky State University Seeks to Boost Retention Rates

A grant from the Walmart Foundation will fund programs to help first-generation college students stay in school.

Malika Jeffries-El Is a Rising Star in Academic Chemistry

She will be honored by the American Chemical Society at the group's national meeting in San Diego this March.

Tufts University Graduate Named Deputy Public Printer at the Government Printing Office

She is the first woman in the 150-year history of the agency to hold the position.

Scholar Asserts That Low Levels of Education Funding Are Causing an African Brain Drain

Maxwell M. Mkwezalamba, director of economic affairs for the African Union Commission, states that prompt action is necessary to stem the tide.

Research Study Will Examine Cancer Disparities Among the Black Population of the Sea Islands

Researchers at South Carolina State University and the Medical University of South Carolina will take part in the study.

In Memoriam: Ernest L. Holloway (1930-2011)

He served as president of Langston University in Oklahoma for a quarter-century.

Study Finds Mentoring Not as Beneficial to Black Men as It Is for Whites

Education and training are better predictors of career success.

A Big Jump in the Black Student Acceptance Rate at Oxford

Yet only 1.3 percent of all students accepted for admission are Black.

Harvard Graduate From South Africa Wins Rhodes Scholarship

Matthews Mmopi is one of 10 students selected for Rhodes Scholarships from southern Africa.

Nineteen African Americans Admitted Early to Williams College

They make up 8 percent of all students accepted under the college's early decision plan.

Six African Americans With New Roles in Higher Education

Here is new of six appointments of African Americans to administrative positions.

Racial Differences in Criminal Victimization in Schools

African-American students were nearly twice as likely as white students to be victims of violent crime in school.

Rutgers University Program Aims to Increase the Number of Nursing Professionals in Haiti

The goal is to establish Haiti's first master's degree program in nursing.

Notable Higher Education Grants of Interest to African-Americans

Here is this week’s news of grants won by historically black colleges and universities or for programs of particular interest to African Americans in higher education.

Gwendolyn Joseph to Lead Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology

Since 2006, she has been vice president for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

David Canton Wins the 2011 W.E.B. Du Bois Book Prize

The associate professor at Connecticut College was honored for his book on Raymond Pace Alexander.

Linda Darling-Hammond Wins Grawemeyer Award in Education

The Stanford University professor is honored for her book on equity in education.

Hope Lewis Is Honored by the American Bar Association

The Northeastern University law professor is recognized for her work for the advancement of women in the field of international law.

Kimberly Goff-Crews Is Returning to Yale

The University of Chicago vice president is the former director of Yale's Afro-American Cultural Center.

Mildred Rice Jordan and Gregory J. Vincent Are Honored

Two African American educators receive prestigious awards.

In Memoriam: Ofield Dukes (1932-2011)

He taught at both Howard University and American University.

Clarence Jones Named Winner of the Legacy of a Dream Award

A former speechwriter for Martin Luther King Jr., he is currently a scholar-in-residence at Stanford University.

Florida A&M University President Retains Support of the Board of Trustees

The Florida A&M University board of trustees decided not to suspend President Ammons as a result of the hazing death of band member Robert Champion Jr.

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