University of California Agrees to Settle a Race Discrimination Lawsuit

HeadChristian Head, a professor of head and neck surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles, filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the UCLA Medical Center and the University of California board of regents. The suit claimed that Dr. Head has been intentionally degraded based on his race and UCLA officials ignored blatant acts of racial discrimination directed against him. In one incident described in the lawsuit, Dr. Head was depicted as a gorilla being sodomized by his White superior in a slide shown at a presentation to the medical center staff.

Now the University of California has agreed to a $4.5 million settlement of the lawsuit. The university admitted that “an inappropriate slide had been shown.” However, the university did not admit to any wrongdoing and stated “the matter was settled to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.”

Here is a video from last year showing Dr. Head discussing the treatment he received.

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  1. Clearly Dr. Head was so highly qualified that he became tenured. How then, does the university justify their blatant non-support of Dr. Head. There is more to this story that needs to be told. This is not passing the smell test.

    • Smell test my butt this is how america treats Black people brown people and yellow people. This is america. If ALL people of color would come together and form an alliance we could stop this behavior.

  2. When the constitution see people of color as only 3/4 of a human being this is a sick society we live in. When you forget who your parents are, you a sick people. UCLA you need to study your history.
    This civilization begin at the Nile river. You are such a great school of thought. Now think about that.
    Who’s your parents and if we are gorillas who are you?
    Think, for thinking profits the thinker.

  3. Greetings to ALL Africans in America (Black People). These type of things have always happened and most likely will continue to happen, regardless if we come together as other ethnic groups outside of the Black Race do or NOT. The thing is when we (Black People) utilize our resources, which is not ONLY financial and economic resources (Resources to cure our collective internal problems, which are multiple.) THERE ARE THINGS THAT WE DO COLLECTIVELY THAT HURT US AS A PEOPLE, THAT IF WE ELIMINATE SUCH PRACTICES OUR PLIGHT WOULD BE MUCH IMPROVED. examples: (1)Embracing the N word Ni**a/er and calling each other such, thus making it a mockery to complain about a society that calls us and considers as Ni**ers/Ni**as. (2)Spending the vast majority of our money with non-Black people. (3)Allowing so-called religious leaders to collect huge portions of our dollars only to enhance their financial resources and their Alleged Ministries, and when these same givers need financial assistance they are rejected by those same Alleged Ministries that have been collecting their money for years in many cases. To be liked by others is NOT important. To be RESPECTED by others is obtained by demonstrating RESPECT for SELF. by Mr. Lorenzo B. Gray, A Black Man Who Cares

  4. Having been in Higher Education for over 15 years, I’ve seen racism first hand. As a African American man, father, and husband this sort of racism happens a great deal. For instance, I was once investigated for spreading human waste or bodily fluids in the men’s bathrooms on campus. The only evidence campus police went on was a photo of me coming out of a bathroom and being a black man. Hiring and promotion is another area of racism. A person with a high school diploma was promoted over me when I’ve published a book and hold a graduate degree. At a white southern institution where I once worked, the chancellor often held a watermelon seed spitting contest to kick off a new semester. There are many more like UCLA who haven’t been exposed. Mr. Head has shown us all the sweet victory of justice.

  5. What we need to do is to come together in unity and loyalty. We did it before and we can do it again. I think that unity and loyalty to each other is the key. Old School Talking.

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