Roslyn Clark Artis Receives Contract Extension as President of Benedict College Through 2026

Roslyn Clark Artis, the 14th and first female president and CEO of historically Black Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, has had her contract extended through June 2026. Dr. Artis became president of Benedict College in June 2017. The college enrolls about 2,100 students, 96 percent of whom are Black.

During her brief tenure as president, Dr. Artis has launched many initiatives aimed at positioning Benedict as a competitive institution with transformative learning, innovation, and a commitment to the community. These efforts include, lowering tuition by 26 percent, raising admissions standards, collecting almost $400,000 in donations, and hosting HBCU-centered conferences, among others.

“Since Dr. Artis became president, we have experienced tremendous progress,” stated Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Charlie W. Johnson. “We are making substantial changes to enhance Benedict College. We are mindful of the fact that some of the changes that have been made, and will be implemented, will engender criticism, but we are not invested in the status quo; we are invested in the brightest future for Benedict College! With the extension of the Dr. Artis’ employment contract as President and CEO, we are expressing our confidence in her vision and outstanding leadership.”

Dr. Artis holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from historically Black West Virginia State University, a juris doctorate from West Virginia University, and a doctorate in higher education leadership and policy from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

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  1. Thanks Dr.Artis for humiliating every Benedict College student and alumni for having Trump make a fool of us. You allowed a man that has made no qualms about how he feels about African Americans to use our school as a doormat to wipe his nasty feet. 300 seats, yet only 10 students could actually go? Did you even think about possibly putting our stude ts in harm’s way? If his supporters share his views on black people, they could have descended on the campus with I’ll intentions and our stude ts not only could have been hurt, they would shoulder all the blame in a negative outcome. Did you even CARE? You are a shame and disgrace to every HBCU in America. I hope that whatever they bought your pride for, that it was worth it. Only YOU won’t be paying for your thoughtlessness, the students will. Who are you going to invite next, David Duke? Please resign before you get somebody’s child hurt because of your blind, clueless ambition.

  2. I think it’s awesome that FINALLY we had a US President who supported HBCUs and put that into dollars instead of just lip service for these young gifted minds. It’s also (I’m originally from Flint, MI) great that Benedict’s President spearheaded with other HBCU presidents in getting the funding needed for their schools. These HBCU of higher learning institutions are still needed! Dr Artis please don’t EVER listen to nay sayers and those who degrade your sincere honest efforts for young black girls and boys to achieve. Remember Martin Luther King had the same experience with this sort of negativity from his own people. I applaud you Ma’am. C Lindsey RET USAF

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