Morgan State Joins the Fast Start Program That Could Offer Significant Savings to Students

Modern States, a philanthropy dedicated to making a college degree more affordable and accessible to everyone, has announced a partnership with Morgan State University in Baltimore, designed to help Maryland high school students earn up to a year of college credit at no cost.

Modern States will provide at least 10,000 free online college courses and credit-bearing exams to prospective students. This will save over $10 million in tuition and expenses for HBCU students. The Morgan Fast Start program will mirror a similar Fast Start initiative launched by Modern States and Purdue University in 2020.

Morgan State University will offer assured admission to Maryland high school students who pass four Modern States courses and pass the corresponding credit-bearing exams. The four courses and exams can save students more than $8,000. The Fast Start option also can move students toward early graduation and early entry into the workforce.

“We are excited to be the first HBCU selected to partner on the Fast Start Program. Together we will increase the number of college-ready students in Maryland while decreasing the cost of a college education,” said Kara Turner, vice president for enrollment management and student success at Morgan State University. “Students who complete the Morgan Fast Start Program will be able to potentially shave a semester or even a year off the time it takes to complete their Morgan degree and that will appeal to a number of prospective students.”

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  1. This so-called partnership with Modern States is very questionable and should be challenged on numerous levels. First, you have a boule card carrying and PHFAM decision maker (David Wilson) who continues to turn Morgan State University into a non-HBCU. Wilson has been on this quest to turn accomplish this goal. Second, Turner (Kara) once again fails as Morgan State University administrator for willingly going into this partnership with Modern States. Let’s be clear, this isn’t the first Turner has made a dimwitted and misguided decision since holding this position. Third, I just bet none of these administrative buffoons (Wilson and Turner) did the appropriate due diligence to examine Modern States historical ideological genealogy in order to see that Morgan States University students will be on the receiving end of a particular type of European education. Honestly, do HBCU students need more Europeanism at their schools because they already have enough.

    In closing, the Morgan State University Board of Regents, Wilson and Turner should submit their resignation for being an existential threat to Morgan State University students.

  2. YES, let’s ask all these people for their resignations, their neighbors’ resignations, the resignation of those who owe them money, the resignations of those that sell them groceries, and everyone involved in the atrocity of reaching agreements with other institutions to benefit students…because, obviously, MSU wouldn’t want to be compared to Purdue, or La Sorbone, or James Cook, or Yale, or HKU…the horror! I am sure Morgan’s students will be thrilled to be completely isolated from every other institution, philanthropy, think tank, research center, and regional or global initiative.

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