Gregory Vincent Appointed President of Talladega College in Alabama

In 2018, Gregory Vincent resigned as president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York, after he faced allegations of plagiarism on his doctoral thesis. At that time Dr. Vincent said that “given the anonymous allegations leveled against my scholarship, however, and the distraction they have caused, I believe this is the best decision for the colleges and for me. My primary concern is to avoid any further stress to the campus community.”

Since that time, Dr. Vincent has corrected the problems with his thesis that involved incorrect citations and the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania has endorsed the granting of his doctoral degree.

Now Dr. Vincent has been named the 21st president of Talladega College in Alabama. “I am inspired and energized,” says Dr. Vincent. “I am thankful to the board of trustees for this opportunity, and I look forward to engaging with a full heart and mind in the work that lies ahead.”

Dr. Vincent was named president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2017. Previously, he was the W.K. Kellogg Professor of Community College Leadership, professor of law, and vice president for diversity and community engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. He joined the faculty at the University of Texas in 2005. Earlier in his career, Professor Vincent taught and held administrative positions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Louisiana State University, and the University of Oregon. He is a former assistant attorney general for the state of Ohio.

Dr. Vincent is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science and Hobart College, where he majored in history and economics and was a member of the basketball and cross country teams. He earned a law degree at Ohio State University and a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  1. This nothing more than another highly flawed hiring on the part of the so-called Black confused decision makers at Talladega College. In my view, Gregory Vincent Should Not have been offered this position for the following reasons: 1) He has failed to demonstrate any substantive commitment to HBCU over the course of his ENTIRE higher education career., 2) The overwhelmingly majority of his work is relegated to Historically White Colleges and Universities (HWCUs)., and 3) He’s totally oblivious to the inner and outer workings of HBCUs.

    In sum, HBCUs SHOULD NOT be in the business of providing employment to individuals like Gregory Vincent who only want to work at an HBCU after they have been disparately treated at HWCUs. HBCUs do not need people who view them as an after thought.

    • So what’s your take on the many failed tenures of presidents with backgrounds that are filled with all that you suggest Dr. Vincent is missing? And yes, I am a Talladega alum.

      • Hey Norman,

        When was the last time you publicly critiqued any HBCU president for their administrative malfeasance at their respective institution? To the best of your narrowly tailored memory what have you contributed in any capacity to ensure that HBCUs continue to be identified as HBCUs? Just like I thought Norman.

  2. Hey Norman,
    You make a very valid point regarding “failed HBCU Presidents with HBCU experience”. In my academic and professional experience, such persons Should Not be hired similarly. You mentioned that you’re a “Talladega alum” to say what? Are you saying that you support the “Hamptonization” of your institution? Those who are well-versed with HBCUs would say that Talladega College has become the “Hampton University” of the deep south in a plethora of ways.

    Further, the main factor in HBCU failures Norman is due to entirely too many of “their leaders” are more concerned about being validated by the White donors, White local, state, and federal elected officials. Case in point, Talladega, AL has a poverty rate hoovering near 30 percent and what has Talladega College consistently done to reverse this trend? Spare me with the anecdotal evidence. Last, I just bet you would be so inclined to say the dismissive, corporatist, warmongering, and neoliberal Obama was good for HBCUs.

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