President David Wilson Gets Seven-Year Contract Extension at Morgan State University

The board of regents at Morgan State University in Baltimore voted unanimously to extend the contract of president David K. Wilson for seven years. Dr. Wilson will now lead the university through 2030. Dr. Wilson became president of Morgan State University in 2010.

“There’s a lot more work to be done,” President Wilson said. “We’re building a research powerhouse here at Morgan, and the pieces we’re putting in place now, along with the work that is being undertaken, will enable the university to continue making a consequential impact on the communities we serve, long after my stewardship has concluded. It is a profound honor to serve as president at one of the nation’s best and fastest-rising universities. I am humbled by and appreciative of the board of regents’ continued trust in my capabilities and vision as president.”

The board’s support was not always so strong. In early December 2012, the board of regents voted not to renew Dr. Wilson’s contract. After students, faculty, and alumni protested the decision not to renew Dr. Wilson’s contract, the board of regents changed their decision. His contract was renewed and extended again in 2018.

Prior to becoming the 12th president of Morgan State University, Dr. Wilson was chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension. During a more than 30-year career in higher education, he has held administrative positions at Rutgers University, Kentucky State University, Radcliffe College, Auburn University, and Tuskegee University.

Dr. Wilson holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Tuskegee University in Alabama. He earned a second master’s degree and an educational doctorate from Harvard University.

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  1. Here’s another reason why HBCUs continue to literally lose their “Black identity” with this DAMN contract renewal of “I don’t want Morgan to be known as an HBCU” David Wilson. David Wilson is an internal threat to Morgan State University on numerous levels. For example, David like to create these new academic programs without having the appropriate space, faculty, and infrastructure to sustain them. In fact, David need to seriously worry about strengthening all of the current academic programs first and foremost. Unfortunately, ole “status quo” David is more concerned about creating “ghost positions for his “buddies” as compared hiring competent personnel. More important, the entire “status quo” Black bourgeoise Board of Trustees should be immediately relieved of their duties for approving this contract renewal. Case in point, BOT leader Kweisi Mfume rarely attended the BOT meetings before he won Cummings (RIP) seat. Do you think his attendance to BOT meetings have changed? I don’t think so.

    Finally, how in the hell can the Morgan State BOT renew David Wilson’s contract when he has CONSISTENTLY failed to protect Morgan students on/off-near campus. For example, the robberies, strong arm robberies, shootings, and even murders have taken place under Wilson’s tenure. The current chief of police (Lance Hatcher) should have been fired years ago due to his inability to implement a robust campus security posture along with using “private security” to give the appearance of “increased security” to students, faculty, and students. As we have seen, that robberies are taking place on-campus at an unprecedented rate and David Wilson is never held accountable. As such, that contract renewal for David Wilson should be immediately rescinded for continued administrative malfeasance.

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