North Park University Professor Wins Elective Office

Terry Lindsay will serve on the school board in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Two Notable Appointments at North Carolina A&T State University

Bonnie Newman Davis is named to an endowed chair and Linda Silver Coley was appointed head of a department.

Two African Africans Named to New Faculty Posts

Jemima Pierre and Curtis Everett Powell are named to new faculty positions.

Cornel West to Return to Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary, called Professor West, "the leading public theologian of our age."

Are Black Scholars on the Wrong Track?

In a recent article on his website, Dr. Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University questions whether black scholars should limit themselves to teaching at predominantly white universities.

Two African Americans to Join the Faculty at the University of Kansas

Jennifer Hamer and Clarence Lang both taught at the University of Illinois.

University of Delaware Mounts Effort to Increase Racial Diversity

Blacks are just 5 percent of the undergraduate student body and 4 percent of the faculty but 21 percent of the state's population.

Hope Lewis Is Honored by the American Bar Association

The Northeastern University law professor is recognized for her work for the advancement of women in the field of international law.

Brown University’s Newest Black Faculty

Chanelle Howe and Kym Moore are new assistant professors at Brown.

Tulane Professor Lands a TV Gig

Melissa Harris-Perry will host a weekend morning show on MSNBC.

Two Black Scholars Named to Endowed Chairs

Fred Bonner at Rutgers and Joseph Ofori-Dankwa at Saginaw Valley State are appointed to named chairs.

New Princeton University Committee Aims to Identify Ways to Enhance Diversity

The committee will develop recommendations for strategies to attract people of color and women to positions in which they have historically been underrepresented.

Brad Braxton Named to Endowed Chair at SMU

A former Rhodes Scholar, he has held teaching positions at Vanderbilt University and Wake Forest University.

The University of Phoenix Is a Pillar of African American Higher Education

Blacks make up 17.7 percent of undergraduate students, 22 percent of graduate students, and 18.6 percent of the faculty.

Myrlie Evers-Williams Named Scholar-in-Residence at Alcorn State University

The civil rights icon will teach, prepared her papers for the university's archives, and develop a research center on social justice and civic engagement.

Daniel Aldridge Promoted to Full Professor at Davidson College

A former public defender, he returned to school to obtain a Ph.D. in history at Emory University.

Two African American Professors Receive the National Medal of Arts

Rita Dove of the University of Virginia and Andre Watts of Indiana University were recognized at a White House ceremony.

Cornell University Outlines a New Agenda on Diversity

President David Skorton is mounting a concerted effort to increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty and to create better opportunities for veterans and the disabled.

After More Than a Century, W.E.B. Du Bois Is Named to a Faculty Post...

Despite a Ph.D. from Harvard and groundbreaking research on sociology and race in the final years of the nineteenth century, W.E.B. Du Bois was not offered a faculty position at the University of Pennsylvania.

African American Faculty News

Tariq al-Jamil was promoted at Swarthnore College and Sandra Waller Sheton was appointed to a named chair at DePaul University.

Davidson College Issues Statement Reaffirming Its Commitment to Diversity

Davidson College, the highly rated liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina, has issued a statement reaffirming the college's commitment to promoting diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff.

Three Black Men Named to Prestigious Faculty Posts

Marcus C. Bruce at Bates College, Gene A. Jarrett at Boston University, and Stephon H.S. Alexander at Dartmouth College are named to important teaching positions.

The PhD Project Moves AHEAD

The nonprofit, which has been successful in increasing the number of minority professors at business schools, sets its sights on increasing diversity in administrative posts.

None of the Princeton Review’s “300 Best Professors” Teaches at an HBCU

One wonders why there is not one professor from Spelman, Howard, Morehouse, Fisk, or Hampton or some other HBCU on the list.

Columbia Earmarks $30 Million to Increase the Diversity of Its Faculty

Columbia University has made significant strides in increasing the racial diversity of its undergraduate student body. Now there is a new plan to increase the diversity of Columbia's faculty.

Dorothy Roberts Is the Newest PIK Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

For the past 14 years, Professor Roberts has been on the faculty at Northwestern University School of Law.

The New Director of The Design School at Arizona State University

Currently, Craig Barton is an associate professor of architecture at the University of Virginia.

A Milestone Appointment in Mathematics at Howard University

This fall Talitha Washington will become the second Black woman to hold a tenured position as an associate professor of mathematics at Howard University.

African American Faculty News

Kristi Isaac Rapp was promoted at Xavier University in New Orleans and William Adams Jr. will be teaching at Albany State University.

Faculty News: Two African American Scholars Taking on New Roles

Tyrone Porter was promoted at Boston University and Myra Sabir will assume a faculty position at Binghamton University.

Two Faculty Appointments of Note

Derek M. Griffith joins the faculty at Vanderbilt University and Thomas Epps III is named to an endowed chair at the University of Delaware.

Athens State University Scholar Develops Diversity Enrichment Program for Teacher Education

Project DESIGN (Diversity Educators Sharing in a Global Network) seeks to prepare teachers for increasingly diverse classrooms in the nation's schools.

Cornell University Debuts A New Diversity Website

The new website includes a discussion on the history of diversity efforts, provides demographic statistics on students and faculty, and listings of where to go for help or additional information.

Howard University Names Its New Provost

Wayne A.I. Frederick has been serving as professor of surgery, director of the Howard University Cancer Center, and interim deputy provost for health sciences at the university.

African American Faculty News

Sue Houchins was awarded tenure. Maryemma Graham was named a University Distinguished Professor. Carlos Minor joins the faculty at Northwestern Oklahoma and M. Bernadette Carter was named professor emerita.

Two Faculty Appointments of Note

Cornel West was named professor emeritus at Princeton and Ousame Kane was named to an endowed chair at Harvard Divinity School.

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