UConn Receives Collection of Recordings Preserving the Culture of Darfur

Mia Farrow has toured Darfur and made videos of the region's music and dance in order to preserve them for future generations.

North Dakota State Partners With African University to Offer Joint Master’s Degree

Eight students are now enrolled in the master of science degree program in infectious disease management and biosecurity.

Two Unique Study Abroad Opportunities in Africa

Students at Ohio University and Duke Law School will spend either winter or spring break in Africa and earn course credits.

African Americans Make Up Less Than 5 Percent of All U.S. Students Who Study...

But the trendline shows improvement in recent years.

Montana State University Honored for Its Clean Water Projects in Kenya

More than 80 students have traveled to Kenya where they built seven deep-water wells and supplied clean drinking water to more than 60 schools.

Middlebury College Announces New Venture in Cameroon

Middlebury students who travel to Cameroon must pledge only to speak French or one of many local dialects.

African American Student at Wake Forest University Wins a Rhodes Scholarship

Brandon Turner is the 12th student at Wake Forest in the past 25 years to win a Rhodes Scholarship.

Students From Black Africa at U.S. Colleges and Universities

In 2011 there were 36,690 Africans studying in the United States. They made up 5.1 percent of all foreign students in the U.S., down from 6.1 percent four years ago.

A New Consortium Aims to Increase Study Abroad Opportunities for North Carolina’s HBCUs

Earl M. Brown Jr. has been selected to coordinate the N.C. Study Abroad/Global Engagement initiative.

Harvard Graduate From South Africa Wins Rhodes Scholarship

Matthews Mmopi is one of 10 students selected for Rhodes Scholarships from southern Africa.

A Big Jump in the Black Student Acceptance Rate at Oxford

Yet only 1.3 percent of all students accepted for admission are Black.

Scholar Asserts That Low Levels of Education Funding Are Causing an African Brain Drain

Maxwell M. Mkwezalamba, director of economic affairs for the African Union Commission, states that prompt action is necessary to stem the tide.

New Pan African University Launched

The effort is being coordinated by the African Union.

Penn State Alumni Chapter Established in Soweto

It is the first chapter of Penn State's Alumni Association in sub-Saharan Africa.

Business School at Makerere University in Uganda Is Transitioning to Independence

Business school officials believe that independence will help the school raise funds from corporations and foundations.

Yale Psychiatry Professionals Travel to Nigeria

They conducted workshops for health care professionals, many of whom had never had any instruction in the psychological sciences.

Howard University Establishes Study Abroad Program in South Africa

Starting this July, Howard students will spend a semester at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town.

Carnegie Mellon University Teams Up With Kenya ICT Board

The groups are developing a credentialing examination for software developers that eventually they hope to roll out worldwide.

Two Howard University Students Awarded Luard Scholarships

They will spend their junior year abroad studying in the United Kingdom.

Only One African American in the 40-Member Class of 2012 Gates Cambridge Scholars

Marie Rose Katia Mehu is an appellate level prosecutor for the state of Arizona. This fall she will study international law at Cambridge University in England.

University of Botswana Partners With Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Under the five-year agreement, the two universities will provide cultural, educational, research, and exchange opportunities for students and faculty at each institution.

Stanford University Study Finds That a Shorter Walk to Water in Africa Saves Lives

A new study by researchers at Stanford University finds that African families who live closer to water supplies are significantly healthier than families who live farther away.

University of Virginia Teams Up With University Libraries in Ghana

Librarians from the University of Ghana in Accra and the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana, recently visited the University of Virginia campus.

Southern University Enters Partnership With University in Turkey

The two universities will participate in faculty and student exchange programs, joint research activities, and short-term academic programs.

Tufts University Makes a Concerted Effort to Recruit Students From Africa

Tufts accepted 21 students from 13 different African countries for admission into its Class of 2016. Six accepted students are from Ghana.

Cornell Law Students Helping to Form a New Government in Somalia

Students at Cornell Law School are contributing to the effort to enact permanent political reform in the war-torn nation in the Horn of Africa.

Only 40 Percent of Black University Graduates in Britain Find Work Within Six Months

Black graduates are 30 percent less likely to find full-time employment as White university graduates.

Record Number of Students Admitted to Kenyan Public Universities

Public universities in Kenya admitted a record total of 41,879 students this year, an increase of about 8,000 students from a year ago.

Brazilian Supreme Court OKs Affirmative Action at the University of Brasilia

By a vote of 10-0, the Supreme Court of Brazil upheld the university's racial quota system that benefits Black applicants.

Two Africans at Cornell University Develop Garments to Fight Malaria

The garments use fabric that is embedded at the molecular level with insecticides to ward off mosquitoes infected with malaria, a disease that kills some 655,000 people annually in Africa.

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania Wins the Nelson Mandela Award

The award is given to individuals and organizations that have promoted freedom in South Africa. In accepting the honor, Lincoln president Robert Jennings confirmed that Lincoln University will open a branch campus in Cape Town, South Africa.

U.S. College Students Raise Money to Build a School in Ghana

Seven students who participated in Semester at Sea program of the University of Virginia in the fall of 2010, came home to the United States determined to help a village they had visited while in Ghana.

Nigerian Student Protests Over University Name Change Turn Violent

The president of Nigeria announced recently that the University of Lagos would be renamed Moshood K.O. Abiola University.

New Online Effort Seeks to End Corruption at Ugandan Universities

NotInMyCounty.org offers a safe, secure, and anonymous space online where students can report incidents of corruption.

Clemson University Collects More than 4,200 Books for a College in Kenya

Last year Clemson sent 675 books to Narok University College in Kenya. This year another 4,200 books are being donated.

Scholarship Program Will Bring 40 African Men to Morehouse College

Strive Masiyiwa, founder and chair of Econet Wireless, has established the Ambassador Andrew Young International Scholars program.

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