Temple University Study Dispels the Stereotype of the Widespread Misuse of Prescription Drugs by...

New research from scholars at Temple University has found that the rate of borrowing prescription drugs in low-income groups is no greater than in other segments of the population.

Historical Documents Relating to the African Americans of Chicago Will Be Made Available Online

The historical collections of 14 museums in the Chicago area will be digitized and made available online through what will be called the Chicago Portal.

Understanding Diversity in a Veterinary Medicine Setting

Ronnie G. Elmore, associate dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University teaches a course, “Practicing Veterinary Medicine in a Multicultural Society.”

Study Finds Social Stigmatization Impacts Academic Performance of Young Minority Students

Survey finds that many minority children in the United States feel socially stigmatized in grade school and the resulting anxiety effects their academic performance.

Racial Disparity Found in Approvals of Grants by the National Institutes of Health

A new study led by Donna K. Ginther found that black scientists were 13 percentage points less likely than white scientists to win grants from the National Institutes of Health.

ACT Results Show a Huge Racial Gap in College Readiness

Only 4 percent of black ACT test takers were deemed to meet the college readiness benchmark in all subjects. For whites, the figure was 31 percent.

High-Achieving Black High School Students Suffer More Academically From Bullying

The impact of bullying is most severe for high-achieving African-American and Latino students.

The Racial Gender Gap in U.S. Dental Schools

In dental school enrollments, the large gender gap in favor of men exists only for whites.

Professors at Two HBCUs Report Breakthrough in Heart Disease Prevention

The scientists report that the ingestion of the leaves of the purslane plant can have a significant impact on lowering cholesterol levels in adults.

5,000 Issues of Black Newspaper Made Available Online by Library at IUPUI

Library at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis provides online access to 5,000 issues of Indianapolis' black newspaper.

University Study Indicates a Lessening of Residential Racial Segregation

Study finds a decline in residential segregation in all 394 U.S. metro areas.

Emory University Study Examines Racial Disparity in Kidney Disease

Kidney failure is four times as likely among African Americans than for whites and greater amounts of protein in urine may be a contributing factor.

Dispelling the Myth That Financial Aid Disproportionately Goes to Blacks

Non-Hispanic whites receive nearly three-fifths of all financial aid grants.

Black Community College Students Perform Better Academically When They Have Black Instructors

The study examined the academic performance of 30,000 community college students.

A New Database on Oral History Collections of the Civil Rights Movement

A new online database with information on 1,000 oral history collections in libraries, museums, and university archives across the nation.

Temple University Scientist Seeks to Explain Why Blacks Are More Likely to Suffer From...

Research finds that a difference in the way cells in African Americans respond to inflammation may explain the greater incidence of hypertension in the black population.

Unique Archive of Black History Now Available for Researchers

Duke and North Carolina Central universities have archived more than a century of documents from the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Study Shows Only 15 Percent of African-American SAT Test Takers Are Well Prepared for...

According to The College Board, whites are more than three times as likely as blacks to be ready for the academic rigors of college.

The Gender Gap in African-American Graduate School Enrollments

The Council of Graduate Schools has released new data on enrollments for the 2010-11 academic year. That year, there were 1,476,674 American citizens or...

Northwestern University Study Finds Vitamin D Deficiency in Black Men

African American men are 3.5 times as likely as white men to have vitamin D deficiency.

Study Suggests Umpires Are Biased Against Black Pitchers

Black pitchers compensate by throwing more pitches in the middle of the strike zone, pitches that are easier for batters to hit.

Blacks Make Up a Large Share of College Students With Military Service Credentials

Veterans and active duty or reserve military personnel make up 4 percent of all students in higher education.

Study Finds That the Civil Rights Era Is Ignored in Public School History Classes

A study by the Southern Poverty Law Center finds that 35 states receive a grade of F in teaching students about the civil rights movement.

Study Finds That Perceptions of Race Can Be Altered by Cues of Social Status

In determining the race of a person in an image, participants were influenced by the subject's attire.

The Racial Component of School Security Measures

Metal detectors are found in schools with large percentages of minority students and not necessarily in schools with high crime rates.

Measuring the Educational Impact of Living in a High Poverty Area

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood has a devastating impact of the life prospects of young blacks.

Retention, Not Recruitment, Is the Major Problem in Efforts to Have More Minority Teachers

Black and other minority teachers are more likely to leave the profession than other teachers.

Brown University Study Finds Racial Disparity in Flu Shots for Nursing Home Patients

Black patients were more likely than white patients to refuse vaccinations.

Where African Americans With Scientific Doctorates Find Work

Blacks with scientific doctorates are more likely than similarly educated whites to work in academia while whites are more likely than blacks to work in the corporate world.

A Racial Breakdown of Financial Aid

In 1996 only 6 percent of undergraduates received merit-based grants. A decade later this percentage more than doubled.

University Study Finds Wealth Plays a Role in the Racial Marriage Gap

As much as 30 percent of the marriage rate gap between blacks and whites can be explains by racial differences in wealth.

The Racial Gap in College Student Graduation Rates

For black students who matriculated in the fall of 2004, only 43 percent earned their degree within six years.

New Vaccine Gives Hope to Efforts to Combat Malaria in African Children

Early results show that children who are given the vaccine are far less likely to get malaria.

Dispelling the Myth of the “Dumb Black Jock” in College Athletics

It is likely that the financial aid provided by an athletic scholarship is a critical factor in enabling many black student athletes to stay in school.

Scholar Examines Attitudes of African Immigrants on Sex and HIV/AIDS

Matthew Asare recently competed his doctorate at the University of Cincinnati and is a visiting professor at Northern Kentucky University.

University Research Finds Black Teens Are Less Likely Than Their White Peers to Use...

The study examined data from more than 72,000 youth, ages 12 to 17.

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