Emory University Study Examines Racial Disparity in Kidney Disease

Kidney failure is four times as likely among African Americans than for whites and greater amounts of protein in urine may be a contributing factor.

Professors at Two HBCUs Report Breakthrough in Heart Disease Prevention

The scientists report that the ingestion of the leaves of the purslane plant can have a significant impact on lowering cholesterol levels in adults.

The Racial Gender Gap in U.S. Dental Schools

In dental school enrollments, the large gender gap in favor of men exists only for whites.

High-Achieving Black High School Students Suffer More Academically From Bullying

The impact of bullying is most severe for high-achieving African-American and Latino students.

ACT Results Show a Huge Racial Gap in College Readiness

Only 4 percent of black ACT test takers were deemed to meet the college readiness benchmark in all subjects. For whites, the figure was 31 percent.

Racial Disparity Found in Approvals of Grants by the National Institutes of Health

A new study led by Donna K. Ginther found that black scientists were 13 percentage points less likely than white scientists to win grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Understanding Diversity in a Veterinary Medicine Setting

Ronnie G. Elmore, associate dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University teaches a course, “Practicing Veterinary Medicine in a Multicultural Society.”

Historical Documents Relating to the African Americans of Chicago Will Be Made Available Online

The historical collections of 14 museums in the Chicago area will be digitized and made available online through what will be called the Chicago Portal.

Temple University Study Dispels the Stereotype of the Widespread Misuse of Prescription Drugs by...

New research from scholars at Temple University has found that the rate of borrowing prescription drugs in low-income groups is no greater than in other segments of the population.

Two Atlanta HBCUs Participating in Major Robotics Research

Spelman College and Morehouse College are participating in a five-year, $18.5 million grant program to work on robotic devices that interface with the human nervous system.

The Princeton Review’s Survey of Race Relations on Campus

The schools that students said had a lot of interracial interaction were Loyola University of New Orleans, Stanford University, the University of Miami, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, and the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Georgetown University Study Finds Racial Disparity in Care of Stroke Victims

A study by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center finds a racial disparity in care for stroke victims.

Expanding the Research on Stereotype Threat

Research conducted many years ago by Claude Steele at Stanford University, and later confirmed by Professor Steele and other researchers, has shown that black students perform poorly on standardized tests because they fear mistakes will confirm negative stereotypes about their group. A new study at Stanford has shown that this "stereotype threat" can also hinder black students in learning new material.

Professor Gerald Early Solves a Mystery

In 2006 Gerald Early the Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters and director of the Center for the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis, purchased a copy of a 1950s comic book on eBay. The title of the comic was Negro Romance. Professor Early turned for help to the producers of the PBS television show History Detectives.

Black Youth’s Large Media Appetite

The study found that black and Latino youths spend one to two hours more watching television than whites and up to 90 minutes more on computers and cellphones.

Washington University Study Examines Racial Differences in Glaucoma

A new study by researchers at Washington University sheds some light on the racial disparity of the disease glaucoma.

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