Campus Racist Incidents Were a Hoax But Oberlin College Reiterates Its Outrage

After police said the series of racial incidents last spring were hoaxes, the college issued a statement that read in part, "These actions were real. The fear and disruption they caused in our community were real. We will not tolerate acts of hatred and threats of violence regardless of motivation."

Racial Hatred and Higher Education

Racially-biased incidents, like the highly publicized occurrences at Oberlin College, may not be aberrational in America’s academic environments.

Chief Diversity Officer Files Lawsuit Against Gallaudet University

Angela McCaskill, the chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., has filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the university of violating anti-discrimination provisions of the District of Columbia Human Rights Act.

Controversy Over a Confederate Flag at the University of Rochester

A house adviser demanded that the student take down the flag that was hanging in his dormitory window. The administration later stated that the student should have the right to display the flag.

Task Force Finds Fault in UCLA’s Racial Bias Complaint Policies

An internal task force at the University of California at Los Angeles issued a report that concluded that policies and procedures currently in place to deal with complaints of racial bias and discrimination from faculty members are inadequate.

Hampshire College Cancels Performance of an “Afrofunk Ensemble”

One band member stated that their appearance was cancelled after they were criticized on social media as being "too White" to play Afrobeat music.

Black Women Reportedly Taunted With Racial Slurs at the University of Florida

A fraternity member was accused of yelling racial slurs and inappropriate sexual remarks to a Black women student who was walking on the street in front of the fraternity house.

Fraternity at the University of Michigan Planned a “Hood Rachet Thursday” Party

The invitation was directed at "bad bitches, White girls, basketball players, thugs, and gangsters" and warned those invited that "hood IDs would be checked." A headline read, "We goin back to da hood again!!"

Official at Our Lady of the Lake University Refers to a Student as “the...

A White administrator at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, has resigned after several recordings in which he made inappropriate remarks were placed on YouTube.

Umoja House at Lehigh University Vandalized With Racial Slurs

The Umoja House residence hall on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is the home to 28 multicultural students. The house was egged and vandalized with racial slurs including the word "nigger."

Three White Students Charged With Hate Crimes at San Jose State University

The White students are accused of barricading the Black student in his room, displaying a Confederate flag, writing the word "nigger" on a white board in a common area, and attaching a metal bicycle lock around his neck.

Racial Incidents on the Campus of the University of Nebraska Lincoln

A racial slur was written in chalk on the sidewalk on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a member of the student senate used the same slur while speaking before the student government body.

Two Students at Lee University Attend Party in Blackface

The students at the university in Cleveland, Tennessee, apologized for their behavior, saying they did not consider that their actions might be seen as offensive to members of the campus community.

Professor Reprimanded for “Creating a Hostile Learning Environment” for Whites

Shannon Gibney, a professor of English and African diaspora studies at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, received a letter of reprimand for creating "a hostile learning environment" for White students.

After Campus Protests, the University of Cincinnati Boosts Diversity Efforts

When the University of Cincinnati's only African American dean resigned his post, students protested the lack of diversity on campus. The university has taken some steps to address the issue.

Racial Slurs Found in the Library at the University of North Carolina Greensboro

Vandals wrote racial slurs on book covers, walls, and desks in the African American studies section of the library at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Naropa University Suspends Black Religious Studies Professor

Don Matthews filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education contending racial bias against Black faculty. Then in a silent protest, he refused to speak during classes.

Former Professor to Chair California Committee Investigating Hate Crimes on College Campuses

Shirley N. Weber, a Democrat Assemblywoman from San Diego and a former professor at San Diego State University, will chair a 15-member commission investigating hate crimes on state university campuses.

Department of Education to Investigate Response to Bias Incidents at Lehigh University

The investigation was implemented following a complaint filed by an alumna of the university after an incident on campus in November where a multicultural dormitory was vandalized with eggs and racist graffiti.

Hiring of Black Football Coach Causes a Stir at the Univerity of Texas

When the University of Texas hired Charlie Strong as its first African American head football coach, the university's major benefactor called the selection "a kick in the face."

Fraternity at Arizona State University Has Charter Revoked After It Held an “MLK Black...

Pictures posted online from the Martin Luther King Black Party showed party goers dressed in basketball jerseys, flashing gang signs, and drinking from watermelon cups.

Black Groups at the University of Minnesota Seek to End Racial Descriptions in Crime...

Several African American organizations at the University of Minnesota joined in sending an appeal to the university administration to stop using descriptions of race when issuing crime alerts on campus.

Ole Miss Offers $25,000 Reward for Information on Who Vandalized James Meredith Statue

A noose and an old Georgia state flag containing the Confederate Stars & Bars was placed over the statue of James Meredith on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The two perpetrators were heard yelling racial slurs.

African American Ole Miss Student Is a Victim of a Race-Related Attack

A Black woman student says she was doused with an alcoholic beverage by a group of men in a truck. One of the occupants of the truck called her a "Black nigger."

Faculty Member Files Racial Complaint Against Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Dr. Carlos Minor states that he had been assigned to teach a course load that is double that of many of his colleagues and that his department chair treated him in a racist manner.

Artist Agrees to Redo Mural After Objections to His Depiction of Vanderbilt’s New Football...

Critics of the mural stated that Mason's image reminded them of the minstrel era when African Americans were portrayed with darkened skin and white lips to exaggerate racial differences.

San Jose State University Expels Three Students Who Were Charged With Hate Crimes

Last November, the White students were accused of barricading a Black student in his room, displaying a Confederate flag, writing the word “nigger” on a white board in a common area, and attaching a metal bicycle lock around his neck.

Racial Incident at Saint Louis University

Someone accessed the computer that controlled a projector at the Busch Student Center on the campus of Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri, and wrote a racist message that appeared on a large screen at the center.

White Professor Sues Alabama State University for Race Discrimination

The White professor claims that many White applicants were not seriously considered for employment because of their race and that faculty members and administrators had remarked that only African Americans were "suited" to teach at HBCUs.

Black Woman Scholar Earns $75,000 in Settlement of Race Discrimination Lawsuit

Stephanie Dellande claimed that she was denied tenure and denied promotion to associate professor at Chapman University in California because she is an African American. The university settled the suit for $75,000.

UCLA Settles a Racial Profiling Claim by a Los Angeles Judge

Judge David S. Cunningham said he was was shoved against his car, handcuffed, and placed in the back of a police cruiser. He filed a $10 million claim against UCLA for excessive force and racial profiling.

Racist Posters Appear on the Campus of York University in Toronto

The posters showed photographs of York students in the 1960s. All of the students in the photographs are white. A more recent photo showing a diverse group of students contained the caption, "Soon Whites will be the minority."

The Good News and Bad News on Sororities at the University of Alabama

This year 21 Black women were offered bids to join sororities at the University of Alabama. But Black women were just 1 percent of all new sororities members. The process was further tainted by a sorority member's posting of a photograph with a racist caption.

Soccer Player at Syracuse University Suspended After Racial Rant Captured on Video

A women's soccer player at Syracuse University in New York was suspended from the team after a video surfaced showing her using racial slurs. The university is investigating the incident.

Colgate University Students Protest Racism on Campus

A large group of students held a peaceful demonstration in the administration building at Colgate University protesting acts of racism and bias that occurred on campus and by Colgate students on social media.

Lehigh University Settles Racial Harassment Complaint

The Department of Education has announced that Lehigh University has signed a voluntary resolution agreement to resolve a complaint filed by an alumna after a multicultural dormitory on campus was vandalized.

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