Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Declines Call to Pay Reparations to a Local HBCU

A report found that the seminary's founders owned slaves in the 19th century and later, seminary faculty defended racial segregation in the Jim Crow era.

Jury Awards Bakery $11.2 Million, Says Oberlin Official Falsely Accused It of Racial Profiling

Evidence presented at the trial showed that the dean of students at the college created a flyer that told students to boycott Gibson's Bakery, claiming the local business had a history of racial profiling.

Former Orchestra Leader Files Race Discrimination Complaint Against Brown University

Brandon Keith Brown, the former director of the orchestra at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has filed a discrimination complaint with the state's Commission for Human Rights. The complaint alleges that Brown was fired because of his race.

Georgetown Students Approve a Fee to Benefit the Descendants of the University’s Slaves

The student body at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., overwhelmingly approval a measure that will add $27.20 to their tuiition bills each semester. The fee will be used to create a fund that will benefit the descendants of the 272 people who were enslaved by the university.

Hollins University President Removes Digital Access to Four Yearbooks Containing Racist Imagery

The president of Hollins University, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Roanoke, Virginia, removed online access to four of the university's yearbooks. Those particular issues of the university's yearbooks contain photos of students and faculty in blackface or have other racist imagery.

Vandals Deface a Memorial to Enslaved Black Workers at the University of North Carolina

The Unsung Founders Memorial was installed in 2005 to honor the enslaved and free African-Americans who helped construct buildings on campus. Vandals wrote racist language on the memorial in permanent marker and also urinated on it.

Princeton Theological Seminary Students Demand Reparations for School’s History With Slavery

A group of faculty and students from Princeton Theological Seminary were a part of a colonization movement that aimed to send freed slaves back to Africa because they believed the former slaves could not co-exist with Whites.

University of Georgia Fraternity Suspended After Racist Video Appears on Social Media

The 30-second video shows one individual hitting another individual with a belt. One person is heard saying "Pick my cotton, bitch." Later in the video, a racial slur was substituted for the word "bitch."

University of Missouri Fires Police Officer After Officials Uncover Racist Picture

Recently, the University of Missouri fired a university police officer immediately after officials verified the authenticity of a photo of the officer appearing in blackface.

Did Lehigh University Ignore Sexual Harassment Claims to Help Maintain a Racially Diverse Faculty?

Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is facing a lawsuit after a faculty member claims the university retained a prominent Black professor, despite evidence that he had sexually harassed women colleagues.

The Debate Over Confederate Monuments Spreads to the University of Mississpppi

On March 5, the Associate Student Body Senate at the University of Mississippi voted unanimously on a resolution asking university administrators to move a Confederate soldier monument from its prominent spot on campus to a Confederate cemetery.

Student Uncovers and Debuts Exhibit on Racism in the History of the Maryland Institute...

The exhibit features curated photos and documents that show how the college reacted after being forced to admit African-American student Harry T. Pratt in 1891. After Pratt was admitted, the college established a policy to only admit "reputable White people."

Controversy Over Race Erupts at American Library Association Meeting

A scholarly communications librarian at New York University states that she was verbally abused by a White colleague at the winter meetings of the American Library Association. The librarian stated that the organization warned her not to publicize the incident on social media.

Baylor University Sorority Facing Sanctions After Posting Racist Video on Instagram

The Pi Beta Phi sorority at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, is facing multiple sanctions after members of the organization were seen in a racist video posted on Instagram. The song contains the use of a racial slur at least 11 times.

After Racist Comments, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Ends Affiliation With James D. Watson

On January 2, 2019, a documentary on the Public Broadcasting System featured Dr. James Watson, the former head of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. Dr. Watson, now 90 years old, reiterated racist comments about the intelligence of Black people.

Columbia University Scholar Uses Virtual Reality to Expose Whites to Racism

The simulation immerses the viewer in the life of a fictional African American man as he encounters racism at different points in his life.

Two University of Oklahoma Students in Blackface Post Video on Social Media

Two White women at the University of Oklahoma posted a video on social media showing one of the women in blackface and using a racial slur. The two women have now withdrawn from the university.

University of New Hampshire to Collect Data on Hate Crimes in America

The researchers will analyze what types of crimes and offenders are being investigated by law enforcement agencies across the country, and which law enforcement policies and practices seem to be promising in terms of responding to these crimes and protecting victims.

Davidson College Investigating Racist Tweets Allegedly Posted by Students

Davidson College, the highly rated liberal arts educational institution in North Carolina, is investigating racist and anti-Semitic tweets. The Davidson College Sailing Team reportedly has removed two of its students due to connections with the racist tweets.

Racial Slur Found Written on a Blackboard in a Vanderbilt University Lecture Hall

The Vanderbilt University Police Department is still conducting its own investigation and has notified the Metro Nashville Police Department, the Tennessee Fusion Center, and the FBI.

University of South Alabama Suspends Student, Fires Employee After a Racial Incident

A student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile confessed to hanging a bicycle and two nooses in a tree outside a campus dining hall. Additionally, a dining hall employee was fired after an offensive tweet concerning the incident was posted from the university's official dining hall twitter account.

Research Finds That Racism Continues to Plague the Housing Market in the United States

Researchers at the University of New Mexico have conducted a study that found that racial stereotypes and discrimination continue to play a role in the process of finding and purchasing a home.

Center for American Progress Addresses Racial Disparity in School Discipline

A new study that shows that in New York and Los Angeles - the nation's two largest school districts - students were expelled or suspended for a total of 47,558 days during the 2016-17 school year. These school districts are predominantly Black and Hispanic.

Arizona State University Historian Compares College Athletics to Jim Crow

Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Victoria Jackson says that the revenue produced by predominantly Black football and basketball programs provides money for scholarships for athletes in other sports who are predominantly White.

Report Finds Persisting Racial Discrimination in the Car-Buying Process

A new report from the National Fair Housing Alliance finds that on average, non-White car buyers would have paid $2,662.56 more over the life of the financing period than White car buyers who were less qualified for car loans.

Lumina Foundation Shifts Course to Promote Racial Justice on College Campuses

In a departure from its usual mission, the Lumnia Foundation has allocated $2.5 million to support racial justice work on college campuses. A series of $100,000 grants will be given to colleges who have made significant efforts to foster educational equality and reduce racism on campus.

Scholar Develops Software to Search the Dark Web for Hate Group Manifestos

Ugochukwu O. Etudo, a new assistant professor of operations and information management in the School of Business at the University of Connecticut in Stamford, has developed software that can be used to search the internet and the so-called "Dark Web" to identify websites that espouse radical views and violent behavior.

Higher Income Blacks More Likely to Experience Racism and Discrimination

African Americans who are climbing the socioeconomic ladder find themselves in more situations where they’re in the minority – whether that’s at school, work or in their neighborhood than is the case for lower-income African Americans.

Scholarly Study Finds That Racism May Negatively Impact the Health of Whites

The authors point out that health care policies that favor the mostly White upper and upper-middle classes may be impacted by racism directed against lower-class African Americans. But these policies also have a negative effect on an even larger group of poor Whites.

Virginia Tech Study Finds American Youth Are Increasingly Exposed to Online Hate

James Hawdon, a professor of sociology at Virginia Tech, finds that the number of Americans ages 15 to 21 who are exposed to online extremist messages increased by over 20 percent, from 58.3 percent to 70.2 percent, between 2013 and 2016.

Racial Discrimination in Hiring Remains Entrenched

The authors examined 28 different studies representing 55,842 job applications submitted for 26,326 positions. They found that since 1989, Whites receive on average 36 percent more callbacks than African Americans and that this rate remained constant over the period.

Psychologists Find White College Students Continue to Hold Prejudicial Beliefs

A new study finds that many White college students continue to harbor racists beliefs. These beliefs lead many White students to communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults in the form of microaggressions.

Bryn Mawr College Struggles With the Racist Legacy of Its Second President

In the wake of recent events at the University of Virginia, Bryn Mawr College said that in printed materials and on its website, it will no longer refer to the Thomas Library or the Thomas Great Hall in the library, named after its second president who expressed racist views.

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Centers to Be Established on 10 College Campuses

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has announced the establishment of 10 Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Centers on college and university campuses across the country. The goal is to have 150 centers nationwide in the years ahead.

Survey Finds Widespread Racial and Sexual Harassment in Astronomy and Planet Science

Researchers surveyed a large group of professionals and found that 39 percent of all respondents reported that they had been verbally harassed and 9 percent stated that they have been physically harassed at work within the past five years. Women of color were the most likely to be victims.

University Study Finds That Blacks Are More Likely Than Whites to Be Bullied at...

The results of the study, led by researchers at Georgia State University in Atlanta, showed that about one of every five workers reported being subjected to workplace bullying, but that African Americans were bullied at a higher rate than Whites.

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