Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia Opens at Ferris State University

The new $1.3 million, 3,300-square-foot museum's collection includes more than 9,000 artifacts.

Duke University Opens Exhibit on the History of the Portrayal of Africans Americans in...

The exhibit, entitled "From Blackface to Blaxploitation: Representations of African Americans in Film," will be shown through the end of July.

LSU Students Investigate “Cold Case” Murders From the Civil Rights Era

As a result of their research, the students filed Freedom of Information Act requests seeking more than 30,000 pages of FBI investigation files.

None of the Princeton Review’s “300 Best Professors” Teaches at an HBCU

One wonders why there is not one professor from Spelman, Howard, Morehouse, Fisk, or Hampton or some other HBCU on the list.

Racial Incident at Purdue University

Someone defaced a photograph of a late African American Purdue faculty member with a racial slur.

Video Shows the Ignorance of College Students on the Subject of Black History

A white comedian donned blackface and interviewed students at Brigham Young University on the subject of Black history.

Has America Entered a Post-Racial Era?

Not yet, warns Pearl K. Ford Dowe, a political scientist at the University of Arkansas.

Series of Hate Crimes Strikes the Campus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

The advent of Black History Month unfortunately often coincides with a rise in racial incidents on campus.

Rice University Study Finds That Racial Discrimination Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Sociologists at Rice University in Houston found that 18 percent of African Americans reported emotional or health problems resulting from perceived racial discrimination.

The University of Cincinnati Mounts an Online Program to Combat Racial and Sexual Harassment

Faculty and staff will be required to participate in the online training program and pass a test to show that they have mastered the content.

University of Miami to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Its Racial Desegregation

Today, the University of Miami has one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation.

Black College Administrator Barred From Participating in Services at a Kentucky Church

The pastor later declared the resolution null and void.

Civil Rights Suit Filed Against the University of New Mexico

The complaint was filed by local clergy and the Albuquerque chapter of the NAACP.

FBI Releases Data for U.S. Hate Crimes in 2010

Of the reported 6,628 reported hate crime incidents in 2010, 47.3 percent were motivated by racial bias.

Williams College Cancels a Day of Classes After Racial Incident on Campus

More than a thousand students attended an outdoor rally that addressed this serious incident.

Racism Rocks Michigan State University Campus

There have been at least three racial incidents in recent weeks.

Professor Who Claimed Black Women Are Less Attractive Is Disciplined

Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics admits his "arguments may have been flawed and not supported by the available evidence."

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