Report Reveals Half of American Health Care Workers Have Observed Racism Towards Patients

New research has found that 47 percent of healthcare workers in the United States have observed racism against patients, and 52 percent believe racism to be a major problem in the medical field.

Study Finds Blacks Are More Likely Than Whites to Be Jumped in the Emergency...

A new study by researchers at Yale University finds that nearly one third of emergency room patients are jumped in line, with those from marginalized groups — including lower-income patients, non-white patients, and non-English speakers — more likely to be cut by others.

More Than One in Five Black Students in Higher Education Say They Face Discrimination...

A new survey by the Gallup Organization for the Lumina Foundation finds that 21 percent of all Black students currently enrolled in U.S. higher education say they feel discriminated against “frequently” or “occasionally” in their program. The problem is most severe at private, for-profit institutions, according to the survey.

High Levels of Depression Among College-Educated Black Americans Linked to Racial Discrimination

A study led by Darrell Hudson, an associate professor of social work at Washington University in St. Louis, finds that there is a significant association between everyday discrimination and depressive symptoms among college-educated African American young adults. More than 15 percent of the sample reported that they had been diagnosed with depression by a health care provider at some point in their lives.

University of Pennsylvania-Led Study Finds Racism in Emergency Room Care

The study found that one of every 10 Black patients at emergency rooms believed that their race impacted the quality of care that they received. Black patients reported that race most heavily affected the quality of care, respect, and communication.

American Sociological Association Rejects Efforts to Curtail Teaching of Racial Issues in Schools

The American Sociological Association recently issued a statement on the importance of teaching and learning about race and racism in the nation's public schools as well as on college and university campuses. The association strongly rejects efforts by many states to curtail the teaching of courses dealing with race.

Study Finds Teachers’ Biases and Fears Limit Needed Discussions About Race in the Classroom

Analyzing data from two large surveys, each including responses from more than 1,000 K-12 teachers, researchers at the Unversity of Massachusetts found that teachers’ implicit racial biases and their explicit fears of being perceived as racist both independently contributed to lower intentions to talk about race with their students.

Black Staffer at the University of Arkansas Files a Race Discrimination Lawsuit Over Unequal...

Synetra Hughes, managing director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that she was paid less than White colleagues in similar roles at the university.

University of Maryland Study Finds Wide Political Divide on Views of Racial Discrmination

The study found that less than half of all American believe that there is more discrimination direct against African Americans than was the case five years ago. Some 40 percent of all respondents stated that they believed there was more discrimination directed against Whites than was the case five years ago

Professor Who Claimed Black Women Are Less Attractive Is Disciplined

Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics admits his "arguments may have been flawed and not supported by the available evidence."

Jury Awards Bakery $11.2 Million, Says Oberlin Official Falsely Accused It of Racial Profiling

Evidence presented at the trial showed that the dean of students at the college created a flyer that told students to boycott Gibson's Bakery, claiming the local business had a history of racial profiling.

Former Orchestra Leader Files Race Discrimination Complaint Against Brown University

Brandon Keith Brown, the former director of the orchestra at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has filed a discrimination complaint with the state's Commission for Human Rights. The complaint alleges that Brown was fired because of his race.

Hollins University President Removes Digital Access to Four Yearbooks Containing Racist Imagery

The president of Hollins University, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Roanoke, Virginia, removed online access to four of the university's yearbooks. Those particular issues of the university's yearbooks contain photos of students and faculty in blackface or have other racist imagery.

Vandals Deface a Memorial to Enslaved Black Workers at the University of North Carolina

The Unsung Founders Memorial was installed in 2005 to honor the enslaved and free African-Americans who helped construct buildings on campus. Vandals wrote racist language on the memorial in permanent marker and also urinated on it.

University of Georgia Fraternity Suspended After Racist Video Appears on Social Media

The 30-second video shows one individual hitting another individual with a belt. One person is heard saying "Pick my cotton, bitch." Later in the video, a racial slur was substituted for the word "bitch."

University of Missouri Fires Police Officer After Officials Uncover Racist Picture

Recently, the University of Missouri fired a university police officer immediately after officials verified the authenticity of a photo of the officer appearing in blackface.

Two University of Oklahoma Students in Blackface Post Video on Social Media

Two White women at the University of Oklahoma posted a video on social media showing one of the women in blackface and using a racial slur. The two women have now withdrawn from the university.

University of New Hampshire to Collect Data on Hate Crimes in America

The researchers will analyze what types of crimes and offenders are being investigated by law enforcement agencies across the country, and which law enforcement policies and practices seem to be promising in terms of responding to these crimes and protecting victims.

Davidson College Investigating Racist Tweets Allegedly Posted by Students

Davidson College, the highly rated liberal arts educational institution in North Carolina, is investigating racist and anti-Semitic tweets. The Davidson College Sailing Team reportedly has removed two of its students due to connections with the racist tweets.

Racial Slur Found Written on a Blackboard in a Vanderbilt University Lecture Hall

The Vanderbilt University Police Department is still conducting its own investigation and has notified the Metro Nashville Police Department, the Tennessee Fusion Center, and the FBI.

University of South Alabama Suspends Student, Fires Employee After a Racial Incident

A student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile confessed to hanging a bicycle and two nooses in a tree outside a campus dining hall. Additionally, a dining hall employee was fired after an offensive tweet concerning the incident was posted from the university's official dining hall twitter account.

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Centers to Be Established on 10 College Campuses

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has announced the establishment of 10 Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Centers on college and university campuses across the country. The goal is to have 150 centers nationwide in the years ahead.

How Racial Bias Can Impact the Quality of Health Care Received by Black Men

A study conducted at the School of Public Health at Drexel University in Philadelphia found that bias and fear of Black men by health care professionals tended to lead to lower quality of care for African American men.

Campus Lockdown Prompts Racist Reactions on Social Media

When a woman at Southwestern University falsely claimed she was raped by a Black man, there was a flood of unsavory reactions on social media.

White Candidate Pretends to Be Black to Win Seat on Community College Board

"Because it was an African-American district, I didn’t feel like putting my picture on any of those brochures would get me any votes. You can’t sell maternity clothes to a bunch of men."

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